Blog: British Science Festival by Kate Jones, Director of Cadent's West Midlands Network

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 This week we’re delighted to welcome the British Science Festival to Coventry, hosted this year, by the city in partnership with Warwick University.

Over a four-day period, there will be more than 100 public talks, discussions and exhibitions covering topics as varied as space, robotics, mental health, the future of energy, genetics, climate change, food poverty and smart cities – all absolutely free.

We at Cadent are proud to be a principal sponsor of this marvellously diverse event. It’s a unique opportunity for both local residents and those from farther afield to hear about the latest scientific developments from the UK’s top scientists and speakers.

Cadent has very strong links to this area– we and our predecessors have been delivering gas to Coventry and Warwickshire for nearly 200 years.

Our region has so much to offer in terms of its expertise in cutting edge science and technology, so it is fantastic to see that this year’s events have been curated to highlight the region’s strength in digital technologies, smart cities and the future of energy and healthcare.

As an energy company, science, technology and engineering form the bedrock of what we do. We are excited to be involved in a festival which we hope will capture people’s imaginations. Find out how we are getting involved.

We are inviting the public to join us for the British Science Festival’s Future of Heat Debate, on Wednesday(11 September) at Warwick University. The event is free but booking is advisable.
Nearly all of us rely on fossil fuels to heat our homes and workplaces, but if are to avert catastrophic climate change we have to find low carbon alternatives.

Award-winning architect and broadcaster Piers Taylor, of BBC Two’s ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’, will be joined by Kate Aldgate of Citizen’s Advice Coventry and Cadent’s Chief Safety and Strategy Officer Ed Syson to discuss how we manage this tricky energy transition.

Gas is by far the most popular heat source, with the ability to carry the huge amounts of energy needed for heat. At peak time, Cadent’s London network alone provides 24 giga Watts of heat - the equivalent output of seven Hinckley Point C nuclear power stations.

In addition, we need to tackle this challenge in a way that is affordable for all, particularly for those already struggling under the burden of fuel poverty.

Cadent’s world-leading HyDeploy and HyNet projects are at the cutting edge of research into using hydrogen as a low carbon alternative to natural gas. When it is burnt hydrogen emits just water and oxygen and can be delivered via our existing gas pipe network.

Find out more at The Future of Heat discussion or join us for a chat on Wednesday (11 September) at the Dome, Warwick University.

I have been particularly delighted to see the prominent role that women are playing in the festival, from incoming British Science Association President Professor Alice Roberts to the many female scientists and women from other disciplines who will be presenting and leading events.

At Cadent we recognise that women are under-represented in our industry. We are actively encouraging more women to join us and we hope that this festival will inspire more women and girls to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and pursue careers in these fields.

Every day during the festival we are running educational sessions for visiting sixth formers on the potential for hydrogen as a low-carbon alternative for heating and transport.

If you live, work or are visiting the Coventry area next week, take the opportunity to get involved in the British Science Festival.

And for younger members of the family, Warwick University is holding a Family Day on Saturday 14 September. The event promises to be a jam-packed day of discovery and exploration.



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