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    Farringdon Road, London. Road closure for gas emergency works

    27 November 2023

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    • Update - Road works will be finishing soon 27/11/2023

    We are delighted that work has progressed well at the junction of Farringdon Road and Clerkenwell Road and we are expecting to reopen Farringdon Road at the end of Monday 4 December.

    It will take a few more days to complete all the of work and clear the site completely but our intention is to open the road as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately, people are still ignoring the traffic management. We ask that people do not go through the red lights, as you are putting yourself and others at risk.

    • Farringdon Road closed with junction of Clerkenwell Road
    • Traffic management changed to protect people
    • Emergency works continue

    Gas emergency service Cadent, will be closing Farringdon Road from Ray Street to Saffron Street crossing the junction with Clerkenwell Road, London from 8am Friday 3 November, until the gas emergency works are complete.

    The closure of Farringdon Road has had to be implemented as various vehicles have been jumping the red lights.

    Engineering manager for Cadent, Tinashe Kambarami explained, "We have had a gas escape on our gas pipe along Farringdon Road, that has meant we have had to replace the gas pipe at the junction; to ensure customers can continue to rely on their gas supply over winter and for many years to come.

    "We have worked very hard to ensure the traffic management kept the traffic flowing under the temporary four-way traffic lights at this junction, keeping pedestrians, cyclist, road users and our engineers safe, whilst the emergency work is completed.

    "However, a number of vehicles have ignored the traffic lights and gone through the red lights.  There have been a few close calls, that has resulted in the decision to close Farringdon Road.

    "Clerkenwell Road will remain open with reduced lanes at the junction and temporary two-way traffic lights."

    We have been working with TfL and the local councils, to manage the flow of traffic and to keep people safe throughout the road works. 

    Diversions will be in place for cyclists, with a different diversion in place for all other vehicles.

    Our engineers will be on site during day light hours (7am-5:30pm) approximately, and we will be working seven days a week, with the aim to complete the work before Christmas.

    Tinashe continued to explain, "People don't realise that if they go through a red light, it changes the sequence of the traffic lights and they will reset to ensure the safety of vehicles going through the lights.  Hence, actually causing delays, as the lights reset and the changes of the lights will take longer because of this.

    "We want to ensure that no one has an accident or is hurt.  We implore people to adhere to the traffic management in place, please bear with us and be patient through the road works."

    For any customer queries please call or email us: 0800 085 4478
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    Road closure of Farringdon Road


    Diversions for cyclists and diversions for all other vehicles.

    The diversion for cyclists has had to change due to a crane on Eyre Street Hill.


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