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    What is a GT1 survey and how do I apply?

    A GT1 Survey is an essential test if you’ve moved to a new property or business premises where you don’t currently have a meter. The GT1 test, or Gas Transporter 1 test, will give you important information about the gas supply before having a meter attached. Once you know this information, you’ll be able to ascertain whether the infrastructure is currently in place to provide the gas supply you need for your home or business, or whether a new gas connection needs to be made.

    If you’re looking for a GT1 survey, we’ve got all the information on how to apply for a test, what the test looks out for and much more.

    Get Started

    Here are the steps that we will take you through to get a Gas Transporter 1 (GT1) survey. Don't worry, we’ll stay in touch along the way to make sure it's going smoothly and you’re happy with everything.

    • Submit your request

      Submit your request to [email protected]


    • Validation

      We will ensure we have the correct information to process your request. We may contact you if more detail is required.


    • Site visit

      We may need to visit your site to gather all relevant asset information and provide an accurate response.


    • Works carried out

      We aim to provide you with a response within 3 weeks.


    How does a GT1 survey gas pipe pressure test work?

    A gas meter is required in order to access gas, helping monitor the amount of energy being used and regulate the pressure of the gas. In some places, you may find there is no longer a meter attached to the gas pipes at your property. This could be for several reasons, including theft or vandalism, unpaid bills of previous occupants, or because a decision was made historically that gas wasn’t required at the property.

    If you’ve moved into a domestic or commercial property without a meter, a GT1 test is essential if you intend to increase the volume of gas to your property or have a gas meter fitted. Some of the things that a GT1 test will tell you include:

    • The capacity of the gas pipe in kilowatts (kW)
    • The pressure (low pressure (LP), medium pressure (MP), intermediate pressure (IP), and high pressure (HP))
    • A live-dead test will be conducted to find out if the gas connection is still live and there is still gas connected to the pipe
    • The size and type of Emergency Control Valve (ECV)

    An engineer will usually need to visit the site in order to carry out the GT1 survey, although they can be done remotely on occasion. The length of time it takes to carry out the test can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on a number of factors including weather conditions and the availability of engineers.

    Do Cadent provide a gas pipe pressure test (GT1 survey)?

    You can apply for a GT1 survey by downloading the Energy Networks Association (ENA) request form from their website here and click on 'Gas transporter documents’. If a capacity increase is required you can go through your Independent Gas Transporter (GT) or Utility Infrastructure Provider (UIP) for an alteration and increase in load – in some places this will be Cadent.

    Before getting started, you’ll be required to fill in a GT1 test request form. This will ask you for the following information:

    • Details of person or organisation requesting information
    • Site details
    • Information required e.g. pressure information, capacity information etc

    More information

    If you’d like more information about registering for a GT1 survey or are unsure whether you need one, you can speak to our GT1 Team on 0808 168 8475 or visit the new connections or alterations section of our website.

    Do you have a GT1 enquiry?

    If you need to speak to the GT1 Team, call 0808 168 8475

    We're here Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm, except for public holidays

    Alternatively, email [email protected]

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