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    Making things easier, fairer and greener to fuel a thriving world

    We’re working with stakeholders to ensure sustainability is at the core of our business strategy

    Perry Tony

    “We’re committed to always putting our customers, colleagues and the environment at the heart of everything we do to make a positive and lasting difference to the communities in which we work. We want to make things easier, fairer and greener whilst continuing to deliver an essential public service. As we work towards fulfilling this purpose, we strive to be known for exceptional performance in terms of safety, customer experience, employee engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion, environmental and social responsibility, and financial results.”

    Dr Tony Ballance - Chief Strategy & Regulation Officer

    “We’re passionate about fueling a thriving world, providing easier warmth, fairer opportunities and a greener society. We are constantly striving to demonstrate to our customers and broader stakeholders that we are a force for good; and recognize that we have responsibility and opportunity to continue to deliver sustainable services for the long term public good. We’ll continue to operate efficiently and drive innovation to benefit society and our customers.”

    Perry Noble - Chair of Sustainability Committee

    By making things, easier, fairer and greener, we want to

    Fuel a thriving world

    Where we help people stay warm and independent in their homes, no matter their personal circumstances


    Where the potential to thrive is inclusive, within Cadent, our supply chain and our communities


    Where we are driving the transition to net zero, whilst improving the natural world


    Our Net Zero Journey

    We’re proud of the achievements we’ve made in our drive towards a Net Zero future, which includes:

    • 93% of our fleet are now sustainable vehicles
    • Less than 3% of our waste went to landfill in the last 12 months
    • 100% renewable energy has been procured across the business
    • Over 43 Biomethane plants are now connected to our network
    • Emissions reduced by more than 5% (excluding shrinkage)
    • Continued investment and innovation in cleaner energy sources
    • A Carbon Trust certification which recognises our emissions reduction, carbon management and carbon accounting achievements
    *Statistics accurate as at February 2024

    What are we doing?

    Electric vehicles
    Ansty HQ Development
    Military Community Gold Award
    Hydrogen awareness
    Eliminating Waste
    Biodiversity - Site Husbandry
    Warm Hubs and Centres for Warmth
    Race at Work Charter
    Priority Services Register
    Carbon Monoxide Awareness
    incident alert



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