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    Our first site husbandry supervisor employed to support the biodiversity plan

    We employed our first site husbandry supervisor, a specialist in arboriculture and horticulture, Nick Tavernor who has already had an impressive impact.

    Nick has transformed our approach to how we co-exist with nature on our sites, with the expertise to really understand the living environment that our kiosks, governors and above ground pipework reside in.

    Nick from our West Midlands team, has been visiting and improving every one of the West Midlands 1,775 district governor sites. "The team have been brilliant, everyone's come at this with a superb attitude," says Nick.

    "In Cadent, we are working much harder. And we can also put the responsibility onto our suppliers too, asking them to provide us with products and services that consider the environment, which boost their level of eco-friendliness. It goes on and on from there.

    "Before you know it, we are raising our game together and that's how it should work. We can turn these areas into wildflower meadow.  In terms of perception, that doesn't look untidy, it looks pretty yet it's species-rich grassland which sustains birds, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, insects, bees, butterflies and moths. I want us to 're-wild' - find ways to keep our sites safe, but in ways that reduces our impact on the environment and improves biodiversity."

    Nick's team are also introducing bird boxes to our sites where they can and he's in talks with wildlife rescue groups, thinking some of our locations could be perfect as release sites for animals (such as hedgehogs) to return to the wild.


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