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    Open Data

    Our gas network plays a critical role in delivering affordable, safe, and reliable heating to 11 million homes and businesses, fuelling major industry, homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals in England. Our Data & Digitalisation Strategy exists to support our purpose of delivering a resilient network to keep the energy flowing safely and reliably, and providing a quality experience for our customers, stakeholders, and communities.

    We have launched this dedicated page to inform users about the Data Assets that are prepared and are readily available for sharing. This page includes:

    • A Data Catalogue of the available Data Assets
    • A description of our Data Assets in the form of basic metadata.
    • A description of our data sharing license and agreements.
    Additionally, it provides information about:
    • How to contact us to request Data Assets, and/or to provide any feedback on the Data Assets.
    • Our open data triage process.
    • Updates on our Digitalisation Strategy and Digitalisation Action Plans.

    To know more about each of these areas, click on the relevant link below.

    Xoserve Data Sharing

    Cadent does not own certain types of data about gas networks and therefore cannot share it with its users. Examples of such data are Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and Gas Supply Data. If you are looking for this information you will need to contact Xoserve directly.

    Check out the Products & Services section of their website to find out more:

    Energy Data Requests

    The Energy Network Association (ENA) are working to bring together gas and electricity networks to provide greater transparency of data. The ENA provides information such as who your network operator is. This can be found on their


    If you want to know more about our Open Data Process or request Data Assets, then please contact us by emailing our dedicated mailbox at:  [email protected] 

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