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    Locking cooker valves


    When you care for a person with a condition such as Dementia(s), cognitive impairment or Autism, it can often help to have additional measures in place to provide that extra peace of mind.

    This simple safety device will help individuals to retain their independence, and provide reassurance to family, friends and carers; as the caregiver can easily control when gas can and cannot be used safely once fitted. For example, this could help avoid leaving the gas cooker/hob switched on unignited or help prevent a plastic kettle being placed on an ignited ring where the person living with Dementia(s) may have remembered how to make a cup of tea but forgotten that these days they have an electric kettle to do this.

    We’re proud to offer our locking cooker valve fitting service to our customers. The service is completely free of charge and will be carried out by one of our own qualified gas engineers.

    We provide this service regardless of your gas supplier. You don’t need to change energy supplier or inform your supplier of the device. Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page or call 0800 389 8000 for more information. Once fitted, we will need a carer/person(s) responsible to keep the key safe, meaning they can turn the locking cooker valve on and off to prevent future risk.

    The locking cooker valve is not suitable for use with liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG ) supply

    How to test a locking cooker valve

    If you already have a locking cooker valve fitted and you think it needs testing, you should arrange for a trained gas engineer who is on the Gas Safe Register to do so for you. The same goes for installing or repairing any sort of gas valve; always seek professional, qualified help for this type of work.

    Apply for a free locking cooker valve

    Applying for a free locking cooker valve couldn’t be easier. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page and fill in the form. If you’re unsure of anything, you can call our Customer Care Team on 0800 389 8000.

    Don’t worry if you aren’t in an area we cover as we’ve partnered with the other UK gas distribution networks to offer this free service nationwide:

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