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    Helping you maximise your income

    Managing your income and expenditure

    If you want to keep a track of your money the free IE Hub budgetary tool allows you to manage your household finances and budget effectively. It allows you to create a thorough and accurate budget and see what financial benefits you could be entitled to with their free benefit checker tool.

    It helps you to clearly identify all areas of your income and any outgoings, while you are completing this IE Hub seeks opportunities for additional support, such as additional income and bill reductions. If you are eligible for any of these services, you will be directed to the appropriate information to apply.

    Once you have completed your budget you can stop there, the tool allows you to come back and update your household budget as and when you need to. Or you can choose to share your financial information with any companies that you owe money to, they are then able to use this information to arrange an affordable payment plan.

    You can access the tool here

    Since launching the tool, we have found that the average additional financial benefit per customer is £5,500, so it’s proving very beneficial.

    There are no financial obligations and you do not have to go on to claim any benefits – it is purely showing you how you could budget better and what benefits you would be eligible for. If you know of anyone that could also benefit from using the tools that IE Hub provides, please feel free to share.

    Are you claiming the help you are entitled to?

    Benefits and other government support are not just for those who are out of work. Millions of households on low incomes are also losing out.

    The Turn2Us benefit calculator will help you discover which means tested benefits you may be entitled to. It's free to use and the details you provide are kept anonymous.

    There are also many grants available out there, so it’s advisable to research online what grants you may be entitled to and to make the relevant applications. You can use the Turn2us Grants Search tool to find and apply for these.

    Complete the Turn2us benefits calculator below and check if you are eligible to claim for additional support.

    We have joined forces with national poverty charity, Turn2us, to ensure Cadent customers have access to the tools needed to make household energy consumption less stressful and more affordable.

    Turn2us is a national charity that offers practical information and support to people who are struggling with money. We work alongside those who have experienced not having enough money to live on to develop schemes that help people cope with life-changing events such as job loss, illness, or bereavement.

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