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    Services Beyond the Meter

    Anyone can become vulnerable if their gas supply is switched off.

    When we attend a suspected carbon monoxide (CO) leak we may, if CO is present need to switch off a customers’ gas supply at the meter. Leaving them safe but without heating, hot water and possibly, cooking facilities.

    Usually, an interruption to customers gas supply is very short, but occasionally they can be longer, especially if we identify an issue with a customers’ internal gas pipework or one or more of their appliances.

    Customers struggling with financial hardship have previously faced three options when their gas appliance is isolated and condemned by a gas distribution network (GDN). They can either remain off gas, risk self-reconnection, or take out credit to afford the cost of repairs or replacements.

    Our Services Beyond the Meter programme offers these customers a fourth option. A range of additional services that are designed to help customers get their households and appliances back on gas.

    Following a call out our engineers can refer customers to one of our two strategic partners, National Energy Action and Groundwork UK. Their dedicated teams engage directly with the customer to assess their needs and find the most appropriate solution – often a fully funded gas appliance repair or replacement.

    We now have dedicated Cadent SBtM engineers to complete additional in-home pipework and appliance repairs and replacements, through our bespoke training programme at our Hitchin training centre and now, in addition to making customer referrals to NEA or Groundwork UK, our engineers can raise a follow-on job for a colleague to complete, usually within 24 hours.

    Having seen the benefits of this, Northern Gas Network (NGN) have used our training centre to train 25 of their engineers, allowing an even greater number of customers to benefit across the UK.

    These investigations known as CMDDA1 investigations (Carbon Monoxide Dioxide and Atmosphere testing) are for customers who have called us following their carbon monoxide alarm sounding. Our first response engineers can raise a follow-on investigation for a specialised engineer to attend to investigate the issue and where possible to reconnect their gas supply, or offer support on the next steps that they should take with their gas appliance.

    For customers who are eligible and haven’t has their appliances safety checked or serviced for the last 12 months. Our engineers and partners can refer into the SBtM programme to have a free gas safety check or service.

    We provide our customers with energy efficiency advice to help them save on their utility bills, and advice on the dangers of carbon monoxide and the symptoms of CO poisoning.

    We offer a number of products to support our customers when they’re off gas or to safeguard their internal gas supply including the Priority Services Registerlocking cooker valves and the EasyAssist® emergency control valve.

    * Certain eligibility applies, such as being on the PSR or meeting further eligibility criteria such as household income or is in receipt of certain benefits etc.

    Our commitments

    Part of our Services Beyond the Meter programme is funded by the Vulnerability and Carbon Monoxide Allowance (VCMA) and we have set ourselves the following commitments:

    • By 2026, we will refer 65,000 customers to expert partners for support with fully funded interventions including the replacement, repair or service of boilers and appliances. We have achieved 36% against our five-year target.
    • Train our front-line colleagues annually to spot signs of vulnerability and refer vulnerable situations to trained third parties for fully funded and tailored interventions.
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