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    Loss of gas – Ingham 10 Jul 2024 12: 30 PM

    Green Finance Framework

    Cadent’s Green Finance Framework represents the response to ever changing improvements in market standards, including but not limited to, Taxonomies and the updated Green Bond Principles. These changes and as well as Cadent’s continuous commitment to place sustainability as a core driver of financial and business strategy. Our framework is based on the four pillars of the green bond principles.

    Cadent Green Financing Framework

    An independent opinion on the Green Finance Framework has been provided by ISS Corporate Services and is available below:

    Cadent SPO_UoP with EUT

    Annual Green Finance Framework Allocation and Impact Report March 2024

    Cadent's inaugural Green Finance Framework Impact and Allocation Report detailing the funding raised under the Framework, the Use of Proceeds and the positive impact achieved on the reduction of both leakage and greenhouse gases.

    Green Finance Report 2024

    Cadent Allocation and Impact Report - Limited Assurance Review

    An independent Limited Assurance Review on the Annual Green Finance Impact and Allocation Report has been provided by ISS Corporate Services and is available below:

    Allocation and Impact Report - ISS Review

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