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    Support if you’re temporarily off gas

    My gas is off, what happens now?

    My gas is off, what happens now?

    In these situations, our engineers will ask you to tell us if any additional support is needed to keep you and your family safe, warm, and independent in your home. This could be alternative heating or cooking facilities that don’t run on gas.

    If you need additional support, have access or safety needs then you need to register on the Priority Services Register (PSR). It’s completely free, and you can find out if you are eligible and Join the Priority Services Register. It’s quick and easy to sign up and can be completed with one of our engineers on site or by filling out our online form. You can also speak to our customer service team over the phone (0800 389 8000), whatever is easier for you. 

    By registering on the PSR you will then receive regular updates during your gas supply interruption.

    What help is available when my gas is off?

    We are proud to offer personalised care to suit you. Our team of engineers will assess your unique situation and offer available temporary solutions to keep you safe warm and independent during our works.

    If you need extra support above and beyond the items we have available, we will work closely with our third-party supplier who will look for alternative accommodation.

    Our responsibility to you

    We are regulated by Ofgem and have a responsibility to offer Priority Service customers an alternative heating or cooking facilities within four hours* of being notified about an interruption to your gas supply.

    If we fail to meet this, then you may be entitled to a compensation payment once your gas supply is turned on. This will be processed automatically.

    In addition, you will also be entitled to compensation if your gas supply is off for a period of 24 hours or more. This payment will also be processed automatically once your gas supply is turned on.

    *this excludes major gas incidents if over 250 homes are off gas. The time increases to eight hours.

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