The Gas Industry

Cadent - gas network

Cadent’s gas network

There are eight gas distribution networks (GDNs), each of which covers a separate geographical region of Great Britain. Cadent owns and manages the following networks

  • West Midlands
  • North West England
  • East of England
  • North London

The other four networks are owned and managed by the following companies:

  • Northern Gas Networks – North East England (including North East, North, West and East Yorkshire and Northern Cumbria)
  • Wales & West Utilities – Wales and South West England
  • SGN – Scotland and Southern England (including South London)

In addition there are a number of smaller networks owned and operated by Independent Gas Transporters. These are located within the areas covered by the GDNs.

Since GDNs are natural monopolies they are regulated by Ofgem. For GDNs to legally distribute gas through the systems they must hold a Gas Transporter Licence. The licences contain conditions which, among other things, limit the amount of revenue which these companies can recover from their customers.

Who supplies gas?

Who supplies gas?

The role of Cadent and other distribution network companies is to transport gas through their pipelines to your property.

Cadent does not sell gas.

The gas in your home or business is supplied to you by a Gas Supplier. Only suppliers licensed by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets - see can sell you gas. You can get more information about who supplies gas in your area from the Energy Networks Association website.

If you know that you do not have an existing gas service or service pipe at your home or premises please refer to the Connections section of this website.

Who pays for what?

Who pays for what?

Gas producers and importers sell gas to licensed shippers who then own the gas as it travels through the network of transmission and distribution pipes.

Shipping involves buying gas from producers, arranging for it to be conveyed to supply points via the NTS (National Transmission System) and selling it to gas suppliers. We are not a gas shipper.

Shippers pay National Grid to run their gas through the national transmission network and LNG importers pay for the right to land LNG at the importation terminals.

Shippers also pay National Grid and other gas distribution network operators to transport their gas to homes and businesses. These charges are passed on to consumers and reflect the cost of building, maintaining and operating the networks and running a 24-hour gas emergency helpline.

Gas consumers – homes and businesses throughout the UK – have many gas supply companies to choose from. The supply companies pay the gas shippers who buy gas and arrange for it to be transported.

Gas Industry FAQs

  • Who is my gas supplier? (How to check who supplies your gas)

    To find out who supplies your gas visit or call the Meter Point Administration Service on on 0870 608 1524.

    This call will cost 7p per minute plus your company’s access charge.

  • Who provides gas in my area?

    Call us:
    0800 0745 788
    Mon to Fri 8am - 6pm
    Opening times excludes bank holidays (e.g Good Friday & Easter Monday).

    Write to us:
    PO Box 7084
    WV1 9AW

  • Who is responsible for gas pipes?

    If you live in any of these areas:

    • North London
    • West Midlands
    • North West England
    • East of England

    we are responsible for bringing gas to you.

    We are responsible for the gas pipes up to your meter.

    Property owners are responsible for the gas pipes from the meter to appliances and for the appliances themselves.

  • Who can move/install a gas meter?

    If you need to move your gas meter less than 1 metre in distance contact your gas supplier in the first instance.

    If you need to move your gas meter more than 1 meter in distance, contact your gas network operator.

    If we are your gas network operator, please visit our alterations page.

  • Who is responsible for my gas meter?

    Meter moves for Cadent's Network should be directed to Domestic Connections in Northampton on 0800 0745 788.

    Northern Gas Networks: (Tyneside, Yorkshire) should be directed to Domestic Activities and Non-Domestic Tel:0870 300 7677.

    Wales and West Utilities: This includes Wales and South West (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset) should be directed to Customer Services team on Tel: 0870 165 0597.

    Southern England and Scotish Gas Networks Tel: 0845 026 0015.