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    Loss of gas - Ingham 10 Jul 2024 12: 30 PM

    Fuelling future solutions - hydrogen awareness

    Decarbonising the gas network not only requires huge change for the network but also for people, their homes and their behaviours.

    There are still many unanswered questions surrounding the UK's energy transition and we are keen to play a very active role in helping to answer them.

    We don't want to see anyone left behind when the UK is ready to begin the mass transformation process of decarbonising heat and energy. 

    Over the last 12 months, we've undertaken sizeable consumer research studies to understand people's awareness of climate change. This included how they use their energy systems today, what they know about low carbon alternatives and what opportunities and concerns they have about the changes they will need to make.

    We will continue to lead the way in putting customers' needs at the core of decision making; supplementing our ongoing programme of consumer research with technical, economic and social studies to help inform how these changes are made.


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