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    Loss of gas – Ingham 10 Jul 2024 12: 30 PM

    Maida Vale, London - Evacuation

    05 January 2024

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    Update 17:30 Monday 15 January

    We are pleased to announce that we have restored the gas supply to Malvern Mews and have already started to switch on the gas to the properties on Malvern Mews and Malvern Road who have been without gas due to the damage to our 6" gas pipe, caused by the sink hole.

    Please  DO NOT  try to switch your own gas supply back on. This needs to be done by one of our gas engineers. They will carry out safety checks before restoring the gas to each property.

    We wil need you to be at home. However, if you are not at home when we first visit, we will continue visit each home.

    We will be in the area for a few more days whilst we complete our work and restoring gas to people's homes.

    Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We appreciate this has been a challenging time for residents.

    If you should need to contact us please call 0800 389 8000 or email us on: [email protected]

    Update 17:30 Friday 12 January

    A Cadent spokesperson gives an update on work in Maida Vale, Kilburn on Malvern Mews:

    “Cadent’s gas emergency engineers were called to several reports of a smell of gas on Thursday 4 January. During our investigations we discovered a sink hole, that had severely damaged a gas pipe and caused the gas escape.

    “Engineers worked throughout the night to stop the gas escape and worked over the weekend to complete a permanent repair. We handed over the site to Thames Water on the Monday 8, so that they could complete their repair.

    “Throughout this time, we have worked with Brent Council and assisted them in finding accommodation for residents who needed it, whilst they were evacuated. All residents were able to return to their homes by Tuesday 9 January, although some were back in their homes on the Friday night.

    “Residents on Malvern Mews and a few on Malvern Road are without gas because of the damage to a gas pipe, due to the sink hole.

    “This week, our engineers have been working on a resolution to get the gas supply restored as safely and quickly as possible. We believe we will be able to do this without having to return to the sink hole area or wait for Thames Water to complete their repair. This will mean we can get gas supplies could be restored quicker. We will know more next week when this work could be completed.

    “We continue to keep in touch with the residents, who remain without gas and have provided them with alternative heating and cooking facilities as pre their requirements. We have also written to them the explain the compensation they are entitled to because we have not been able to supply them with gas.

    “We continue to work with Brent Council and Thames to bring this incident to an end.”

    Update 13:00 Tuesday 9 January

    We have been told by Brent Council that all residents, evacuated due to the sink hole, are now allowed back into their homes.

    A Cadent engineer will be visiting each property on Malvern Mews to offer alternative cooking and heating facilities if it is required, due to no gas supply.

    You can contact us by emailing us on: [email protected]

    If you need further assistance because you are off gas please, email us or call the gas enquiry line on 0800 389 8000.

    Update 15:30 Monday 8 January

    Cadent have now completed all its work in Malvern Road and Malvern Mews for the time being.

    We have now handed over to Thames Water and Brent Council. Thames Water to repair its main and Brent Council will manage the safety & structure of the hole in the road and what impact it might have on the buildings close by.

    Any queries regarding evacuations and accommodation, please contact Brent Council.

    Residents of Malvern Mews will remain off gas until a full repair has been completed of the waste water pipe and road. If you live on Malvern Mews and are without gas, we can keep you up to date if we have your contact details. You can contact us by emailing us on: [email protected]

    If you need further assistance because you are off gas please, email us or call the gas enquiry line on 0800 389 8000.

    We will return to switch the gas supply back to Malvern Mews once the repairs by Thames Water have been completed.

    We appreciate your patience during this incident.

    Update 11:30 Monday 8 January

    Over the weekend, our gas emergency engineers secured the gas pipe permanently and all properties are now clear of any gas in their property.

    N.B. The sink hole which appeared on Thursday evening, has caused permanent damage to the gas pipe feeding Malvern Mews. We are currently unable to restore gas supply to Malvern Mews until the waste water pipe has been fixed by Thames Water and the work has been completed to stabilise the ground around the hole in the road.

    Cadent continues to liaise closely with Brent Council and Thames Water to enable us to reinstate the gas supply, as soon as theses works have been completed.

    For those residents who are currently evacuated from their homes, please liaise directly with Brent Council for guidance on reoccupation. Brent Council provided this telephone number 0208 937 1234, should you still require emergency accommodation.

    We hope that residents on Malvern Road will soon be able to return to their homes but this will depend on structural engineers confirming it is safe to do so.

    Once again, we would like to that the residents for their continued patience following the gas pipe damage due to the hole in the road.

    Update 16:30, 6 January

    Our teams continue today to get everything ready to repair a damaged gas pipe in Malvern Road.

    Thames Water needs first to repair a waste pipe in the same area, and an underground ‘sink hole’ also needs to be resolved before we can move in to complete our repair.

    While we wait for that, our Cadent team is getting a safe work area ready. This preparatory works includes digging deep, reinforced excavations.

    This will mean that, once we get clearance from Thames Water that its work is all completed, we can start our repair immediately.

    Brent Council continues to provide support, including alternative accommodation where required, for residents who are currently unable to return to their homes. The Council’s representatives are at the Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Church, in Stafford Road.

    While some residents of Malvern Mews have been able to return home, there will be no gas available until Thames Water has completed its repairs, the ground has been stabilised, and it is safe for us to work there.

    Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

    If you are a resident impacted by this, and have a question for our gas team, email [email protected]

    Update 19:05, 5 January

    For residents of Malvern Mews - you will be off gas until the hole in the road has been repaired. We can keep you informed when your gas supply will be returned and if you need any further support, if you email us on: [email protected]

    Please speak to Brent Council if you need accommodation during this incident.

    We can not tell you when the incident will be over. It will depend upon Thames Water completing its repair and the road is stabilised.

    Update 17:30, 5 January

    Gas emergency service Cadent has been working throughout the night and day to repair its damaged gas pipe in Malvern Road. The gas escape was stopped last night and work continued today to complete a permanent repair. This work will continue until Monday.

    The majority of residents have now been allowed back into their homes. Residents of 20-31 Malvern Mews have just been cleared to return home. The remaining properties in Malvern Mews and Malvern Road from 54-1, will not be able to return home just yet.

    If people need alternative accommodation tonight and over the weekend, they should speak to the Brent Council representatives at The Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Church on Stafford Road.

    N.B.Residents of Malvern Mews will not have any gas until Thames Water have completed their repairs and the ground has been stabilised and it is safe to work there. Once this work is complete, we can return and safely switch the gas supply back on to the Mews. Please DO NOT try to do this yourself.

    We would like to thank people for their patience and understanding.

    We continue to work with Brent Council, Thames Water and the emergency services to bring this incident to an end as safely and quickly as possible.

    Gas emergency service Cadent were called to a smell of gas around 4:45pm yesterday (04/01/24) afternoon, on Malvern Road, Maida Vale, London.

    Engineers were able to stop the gas escape last night however, during our investigations, a hole was found under the road, where the ground had been washed away and a broken waste water main was found.

    Cadent engineers will continue to work in the area today, to ensure the security of the gas pipes in and near the hole. This will result in cutting off the gas supply to a few properties until the hole in the road has been made safe.

    Once the waste pipe and hole in the road has been fixed, gas engineers will be able to return to restore gas supplies to the few properties affected by this incident.

    Emergency services evacuated a number of properties as a safety precaution last night to the Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Church, Stafford Road and Granville Plus Family Centre, Carlton Vale.

    We will continue to work with Brent Council, Thames Water and emergency services throughout this incident.

    Update - 14:00 Friday 5 January

    Still evacuated?

    For information about when you can return to your homes please speak to Brent Council at Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Church, Stafford Road, where they have set up a community centre to help affected residents. Brent Council will be able to assist residents if they should need any help with accommodation tonight.

    At this time we do not know how long residents will remain out of their homes.

    Update - 11:45 Friday 5 January

    People are now being advised if they are able to return to their homes, please see streets below.

    You can return home if you live in the following streets:

    MALVERN ROAD numbers higher than number 55 only

    N.B.  Some people will have to stay out of their homes for the time being. Brent Council are arranging a centre for those still evacuated. We will update you of contact details when they are available.

    If you are still evacuated, Brent Council have arranged for you to shelter at The Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Church, 1 Stafford Road, London, NW6 5RS.

    You are not  able to return to your properties just yet.

    MALVERN ROAD  54 and below


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