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    Amersham: upgrading gas pipes under Stanley Hill

    19 June 2023

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    Essential work is taking place over the school summer holidays to upgrade the gas distribution pipes under A404 Stanley Hill, Amersham.

    Cadent, which manages your local gas network, is calling time on an old metallic pipe currently under the road, as it is showing signs of its age. Cadent teams have carried out urgent repairs on more than 20 separate occasions in the last five years.

    Upgrading the pipeline to tough, durable, long-lasting plastic means an end to that unplanned, disruptive work – and, just as importantly, ensures the network is safely carrying gas to heat your homes, provide hot water and cook your food.

    Across the UK, all metallic pipes within 30 metres of buildings are being upgraded in this way, in a major investment by the gas distribution networks.

    When the work is happening in Stanley Hill

    It will take place over six weeks, starting 24th July 2023. There are three phases.

    Phase 1 starts on 24th July and should last around a week. This section runs from the White Lion Road roundabout to part-way around the corner, at the top of Stanley Hill. Stanley Hill will be closed to traffic with the use of multi-way traffic lights at the roundabout. The team will work with residents to maintain access to driveways. Diversions will be signposted for other traffic.

    Phase 2 begins immediately after the end of Phase 1 and continues on from the same corner of Stanley Hill to the junction of Stanley Hill Avenue. This section of road will be closed for around two weeks. The team will work with the residents to accommodate access to driveways where possible. Where this is not possible, they will assist with alternative parking facilities. Diversions will be signposted for other traffic.

    Phase 3 begins immediately after the end of Phase 2. The work area is from the corner of Stanley Hill Avenue to the southern junction of Salisbury Close. Traffic will be able to pass, but there will be traffic lights to manage the safe flow.

    If everything goes to plan, we hope to complete everything before schools return after the summer holidays. The work has been scheduled in for this period to minimise disruption to the local community and amenities.

    A quick update


    This week the entire section of phase 3 has been excavated ready for the new pipe to be inserted today. Once done, this will then complete our engineering works.

    Re-surfacing work will be undertaken by Buckinghamshire Council will begin on 17 August, this work will be completed within the current road closure.


    Phase 2 of the project is now complete. This week the team replaced 140m of existing gas pipe, this included twenty- two of the service pipes that feed gas into properties within this section. Please be advised, during the weekend the team will be clearing up and preparing for the reinstatement stage.

    Next week, Phase 3 of the project will begin. To minimise the traffic as we move into Phase 3 of the project, we have agreed with Buckinghamshire Council to keep the road closure in place whilst we work past Stanley Hill Avenue with temporary traffic lights. The traffic light heads will be positioned on Stanley Hill Avenue, Stanley Hill and Salisbury Close.

    To safely manage this section, we would kindly ask all residents to enter/exit from the White Lion Road roundabout end from Monday 7th August as we will need to permanently close the section before the traffic lights.

    Buckinghamshire Council will be starting the re-surfacing once we have competed our works starting from the White Lion Road roundabout working down Stanley Hill.


    This week the team has replaced the first 100m of the existing gas pipe, this included seven of the service pipes that feed gas into properties within this section. The final two service pipes within phase 1 will be replaced on Monday and Tuesday next week. Once they are complete the temporary traffic lights will be taken down, we hope this will be on Wednesday.

    The teams will continue work over the weekend; this will include reinstatement of the area.

    Prepatory work for phase 2 of work will begin on Monday.

    Upgrading the pipes that carry gas to your property

    Our team will also be upgrading the service pipes along this same stretch. Service pipes are the smaller diameter pipes that take gas into each property from the bigger main in the road. If you live on Stanley Hill, within the area of the three phases, we will talk to you in advance to explain how all this happens and answer any questions you may have. To avoid any doubt, there is no cost to you for this work.


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    If you have any questions

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 0800 085 4478 (8am to 8pm Mon-Fri, 9am to 4pm Sat)

    Updates, as and when available, will be posted on this page.

    If you smell gas

    If you smell gas, act immediately and call 0800 111 999*. Do not dismiss the smell as being related to this work - it may not be and needs to be checked.


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