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    The Coronation of King Charles III: How we are celebrating this momentous occasion

    05 May 2023

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    • His Majesty King Charles III will be crowned on Saturday 6th May, 2023.
    • A service at Westminster Abbey will also see HM The Queen Consort crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury.
    • There will be a series of celebrations over the bank holiday weekend to mark the coronation.

    2023 will go down as a moment in history as Britain, and the wider Commonwealth, joins together to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.

    With the last Coronation – that of the King’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II – taking place 70 years ago in 1953, this will be the first Coronation that so many of us have experienced and Cadent wants to take this opportunity to mark what is truly an historic event, and to celebrate a momentous occasion for modern Britain.

    Having ascended to the throne last year, plans for the King’s Coronation were announced in recent months. The King is keen to ensure that events will reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry, giving the whole country an opportunity to come together in celebration and recognition of a moment in history.


    The Gas Light and Coke Company (now known as British Gas) was first founded under Royal Charter by King George III in 1812. Throughout the following two centuries that the gas industry has been in existence, King Charles III is the tenth monarch.

    As their Majesties The King and Queen Consort prepare for their Coronation, they will do so as two of Cadent’s millions of customers – we distribute gas to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. In addition, Cadent will be helping to ensure the smooth running of the Coronation as Westminster Abbey is in our network.

    Our industry has always been supported tremendously by the Royal Family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was Patron of IGEM – the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers – of which her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was a life-long member too. A champion of science and engineering, Prince Philip also initiated the Fellowship of Engineering (now the Royal Academy of Engineering) nearly 50 years ago.

    And now, as we move towards the future of gas and our commitment to reach the government’s target for net-zero by 2050, we are strengthened by the support offered in that objective by His Majesty King Charles III.


    Cadent is responsible for managing the gas distribution network in North London, including the areas around Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the route for ‘The King’s Procession’. Over recent weeks, we have been working with the authorities to prepare for the Coronation and to ensure that disruption as a result of important gas works is minimised.

    As such, all non-urgent works will stop two weeks before the Coronation, but our engineers and support teams will continue their work to maintain a safe gas network. Cadent operates a critical service, keeping gas flowing non-stop to millions of homes, hospitals, schools, offices, industry, and fuel stations. So, you will still see our teams at work during this time.

    We will continue to be carrying out works across the country, and our teams will still be here for you – including our gas emergency number – over the bank holiday weekend.


    Ahead of this historic and momentous event, Cadent extends its sincere congratulations to His Majesty The King, and Her Majesty The Queen Consort, ahead of their Coronation and looks forward to taking part in celebrations, as well working with Their Majesties to promote Britain over the years to come.

    Steve Fraser, Chief Executive Officer for Cadent said: “The Coronation is, for many of us, the first that we will have experienced and, as such, it represents what is a truly a moment in history for us as a country. After the long and dutiful reign of Queen Elizabeth II, this is an opportunity for celebration, and in addition to it being an historic moment, it also gives the nation a chance to join together and celebrate modern Britain.

    “Cadent is proud to have forged such a close association with the Royal Family and looks forward to strengthening that with His Majesty King Charles III. I know that colleagues across Cadent will be taking the opportunity to celebrate over the coming weeks and on behalf of us all, I offer The King, and The Queen Consort my heartfelt best wishes ahead of their Coronation.”


    QUIZ QUESTIONS (See answers at the end of the page)

    1) In what year was the last King Charles (II) crowned?
    a) 1561 b) 1761 c) 1661

    2) How many coronations have taken place at Westminster Abbey since 1066?
    a) 29 b) 39 c) 49

    3) Who was the last King or Queen to be crowned on a weekend?
    a) Edward VII (1902) b) George V (1911) c) Victoria (1838)

    4) How many years old is the coronation chair?
    a) 457 b) 723 c) 901

    5) Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was the first to ever be televised. In an age where many people did not own a TV, what was the television audience in the UK alone?
    a) 11 million b) 19 million c) 27 million


    Saturday 6th May: The Coronation Service

    Their Majesties The King and Queen will travel from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in ‘The Kings Procession’.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury will then conduct a service to crown their Majesties.

    After the service and upon their return to Buckingham Palace, The King and Queen will be joined by members of the Royal Family on the balcony.

    Sunday 7th May: The Coronation Big Lunch

    Neighbours and communities are invited to join together to share food and fun across the country in celebration.

    The Coronation Concert

    In the evening a celebratory concert will be held at Windsor Castle, showcasing talent from across the world.

    Monday 8th May: Bank Holiday Monday & The Big Help Out

    Members of the public – and Cadent colleagues – will be invited to take part in volunteering opportunities and join work taking place to support their local areas.


    • 1) c)
    • 2) b)
    • 3) a)
    • 4) b)
    • 5) c)


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