Leaders of the joined up pack: Cadent helps minimise disruption with joint work plan for utilities

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■   Cadent has arranged with local authorities for connection work by utilities to be delivered in one fell swoop
■   Cavendish Road in Clare will be closed between Tuesday 29 August and Saturday 2 September
■   Cadent’s work is projected to last one day –Wednesday 30 August - out of the five day road closure

Cadent is leading the way in ensuring connections work by utilities is delivered with as little disruption as possible.

New properties in Clare need connecting to gas, water and telephone services. The work will involve an unavoidable closure of Cavendish Road in Clare outside Burlington House, near the junction with Church Street between Tuesday 29 August and Saturday 2 September while work is taking place. This time was selected as the roads are generally quieter in this period because it is still the school summer holidays.

During the road closure traffic will be diverted via the following route: A1092 Cavendish Road, A1092 Stour Street, A1092 Poole Street, A1092 Melford Road, A1092 Westgate Street, A1092 High Street, A134 to Sudbury, A131 to Halstead, A1124 Hedingham Road, A1124 Halstead Road, A1017 to Sible Hedingham, A1017 to Castle Hedingham, A1017 to Great Yeldham, A1017 to Ridgewell, A1017 Four Ash Hill, A1092 to Stoke by Clare, A1092 Stoke Road to Clare.

The daily 236 bus from Sudbury to Clare will continue. However it will terminate at the Stour Valley School and passengers will make their way on foot to the town centre where a substitute bus service will continue the journey to Haverhill. This will then work in reverse for the journey from Haverhill to Clare.
During the road closure, passengers using the 374 Chambers bus service to Bury St Edmunds will be picked up and dropped off at the entrance gates of Stour Valley School.

Access will be maintained for residents and businesses in Cavendish Road.

Cadent was the first of the utilities to approach the council to agree a date for the work. The newly minted gas distribution company has since led the way in arranging for the optimal work dates, even though its work is expected to last only one day out of the five days the closure will be in place.

Andrew Stone, Cadent Operations Interface Manager, said: “As we applied to do our work first we’ve been the leaders of the pack in negotiations with the council to agree dates even though our work is expected to last just one day.

“Unfortunately there’s no other way to do the work but to close the road as it’s too narrow to allow vehicles to pass by safely while people are working in the road.”

He added: “We worked closely with the council to find a date which will minimise the disruption caused by the closure and having all the utilities do their work over five days makes sense as it will get work out of the way in one fell swoop.

“We also held a meeting with local residents so they could discuss the work with us and ask any questions.”
Cadent’s Connection work is due to take place on Wednesday 30 August.

For more information on the Cadent work please call 0800 151 2403 or email Box.triio.planning@cadentgas.com




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