Vital gas mains work in Golders Green area

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  • Road closure of Hodford Road and Golders Green Crescent with the junction of Golders Green Road
  • No gas supplies impacted
  • Businesses open as usual
Vital work to keep the gas flowing in Golders Green area is due to start on Monday 18th January, for approximately eight weeks.

The project involves replacing ageing gas mains with tough new pipes which won’t need replacing again for at least 80 years. This work needs to be done now to help ensure people in the local area keep on enjoying safe and reliable gas supplies for cooking and heating into the future.

Road and lane closures will be needed to keep engineers, residents and motorists safe while the work is under way. 
There will be no impact on gas supplies and engineers have no need to enter any properties to complete this vital work.

The traffic management will change throughout the works to help to minimise disruption.

Hodford Road
Will be closed from the junction of Golders Green Road and Accommodation Road for eight weeks.

Golders Green Crescent
Will be closed from the junction with Golders Green Road and Golders Way for three weeks between 22 February and 14 March.

Golders Green Road - westbound
Westbound lane closure for one week from 8 to 14 February
Golders Green Road – eastbound
Eastbound land closure for one week from 15 to 21 February
Bus stops
Bus stops GO and GP on Hodford Road are suspended for the duration of the works.
Bus stop GN on Golders Green Road will be suspended from 8-21 February.
Gary Hawkins, Cadent streetworks specialist, said: “This vital project will help ensure people in Golders Green keep on enjoying a safe and reliable gas supply for cooking and heating for many years to come.

“Working with the local authority, TfL and bus companies we’ve carefully designed the project to ensure we deliver our work as promptly as possible and with minimal inconvenience to the local community and road users.”

If anyone has any enquiries about this work, they should contact Cadent’s customer services team on ‪0800 151 2404. 

This work is part of Cadent’s ongoing investment across its network to future-proof its gas network. For more information on what to expect you can also visit:
  Answer Responsible
Will my gas supply be affected, and will I have to allow engineers into my home?
No – these works will not affect your gas supply and we will not be required to enter your property.
Cadent engineers will adhere to government guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
How long are these works taking? It is anticipated that works will be completed within 8 weeks, commencing the 18 January. Cadent
When will works be happening in each section? Hodford Road – (Accommodation Road – Golders Green Road) closed 18 January – 14 March.
Golders Green Road (West Bound) – 8 February – 14 February.
Golders Green Road (East Bound) – 15 February – 21 February.
Golders Green Crescent – 22 February – 14 March.
How will residents access their properties? Signed diversion route will be in place to notify road users. Cadent
What do I do if I am worried about potential impact on my business? Please visit this website for further information:
Are buses affected? Bus Stop ‘GO’ and ‘GP’ (Hodford Road) will be suspended between 18 January – 14 March.
Bus Stop ‘GN’ (Golder Green Road) will be suspended for 2 weeks between 8 February – 21 February.
London Buses have confirmed agreed diversion routes.
Is the work to be done 5 or 7 days a week?
What will the working hours be? What will be the level of dirt and noise disturbance?
Cadent have stated that they will be working 6 days a week - (working times Monday to Friday 07.00 - 19.00; Sat 08:00 - 13:00)   The nature of the work means there will be some dirt in the area where Cadent is working, however, Cadent will ensure the road is kept clean and safe for vehicles outside of their working area.
The initial noise will come from digging in the road.  The noise will be kept within permitted levels and times of the day.
Will parking be affected by these works? Parking in Golders Green Crescent (from Golders Green Road to Golders Way) will be affected during works on this section. Cadent
Will residents have access to local shops?  Yes – access to shops will always be maintained Cadent
Were there any other options for traffic management rather than the road closure? Cadent have worked with LBB, TfL and local bus companies to find the best traffic management to complete this essential work as quickly and safely as possible.  Due to the location of the pipe, road width, the buses and impact on the wider community and roads; a road closure was the best option to complete these works safely. Cadent
Will a definitive start and finish date be given?
Works are permitted to be completed between the 18 January to the 14 March.
According to legislation and guidance Cadent are permitted to apply for extensions to their permit however, the London Borough of Barnet Highways Team will have attendance on this site to monitor the progress.  If there is a requirement to extend the timescale LBB Highways Team will instruct Cadent to send notification in advance to residents and businesses.

Cadent - Community Relations Team on 0800 151 2404 or write to us at
London Borough of Barnet -



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