Confirmation: gas restored to every property impacted by the water in gas pipes incident in the Stannington and Malin Bridge, Hillsborough area (Sheffield)

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  • ‘Monumental effort’ by many to remove more than one million litres of water from gas pipes
  • Network director thanks local residents for their incredible kindness and support over the last two weeks
  • Cadent will maintain a presence in the area, to support customers with any issues that remain

Cadent has restored supply to every property impacted by the ‘water in gas pipes’ incident in the Stannington and Malin Bridge, Hillsborough area.
Richard Sansom, director of the Cadent network which manages this area of South Yorkshire, issued this statement today.
“After a monumental effort by a big team from Cadent and other agencies, we have gas restored now to every property.
“It’s an incredible achievement, working day and night since this started two weeks ago, and in freezing temperatures.
“I want to offer a huge thanks to everyone in Stannington, Malin Bridge, Hillsborough and other areas impacted by this.
“Despite the personal challenge to you, the kindness and support you’ve given to us throughout has been incredible. Thank you.
“You unexpectedly had to deal with your local population being increased by several hundred people overnight and then for two weeks. You made us feel amazingly welcome and appreciated, despite the issues you were facing because you had no gas.
“We’ve removed more than one million litres of water from the gas pipes in an area that covered four miles. While we do get ‘water ingress’ incidents like this occasionally, the volumes we’re talking about here are way above the norm.
“We can also confirm that more than 3,000 properties were impacted, whether by loss of gas completely, poor pressures or damage caused to boilers and appliances.
“We know there are still pockets of water moving around, under your feet, which is why some properties that we’ve put back on gas are intermittently going off again. This is part of the reason for us maintaining a presence in the area, for a good while yet, so we can act quickly when this happens.
“We are also very conscious that, for some people, the water has impacted their boilers and other appliances. We are working with everyone who has found themselves in this position, to make sure the arrangements are made to fix these, or replace them.
“Our customer team will remain at Rivelin Fire Station today (16 Dec), so if you have any questions, please come visit us here. The phone line we created just for this incident will also remain for a good while yet, so ring that number if you need us: 0800 917 9598.
“We are also acutely aware that we have a lot of tidying up to do in the local area and that will be done over the coming days.”
Regulator updates have been posted throughout the incident at This webpage includes details about compensation that will be paid to each home and business (note: we announced a few days ago that we will pay double the amount we would normally pay – see this press release for more information). Letters have now been hand-delivered to every property impacted, with details of how that will be paid.


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