Update on our work

UK Power Networks have now completed their emergency repairs.  Once they have reinstated their work area and removed their signage, we will be in a position to proceed with our works and road closure. We anticipate this being either Wednesday 21st or Thursday 22nd February.

We will be closing Lower Street from Petersfield Drive to the Boat Yard with effect from 19th February to allow us to replace this stretch of the gas main.  The road closure will move in line with our excavation points over the subsequent weeks. We will keep all residents updated on our progress via this webpage and social media posts.  

If you are a resident of Lower Street and your gas supply will be affected as part of this work, our team will contact you directly to deal with any enquiries.  

Please remember that on the day that we interrupt your gas supply, while we will keep the length of this interruption to a minimum, it may be up to 8pm before we are able to reconnect your supply. Therefore, please do not contact us before this time even if it appears that our engineering team have left site as a new team will attend to restore your supply. If you remain off gas after 8pm, please contact us on 0800 151 2404.

 Grass verges

Our work is now complete on Parkland Crescent, however, we recognise that many of the grass verges have been damaged during our time in the area.  All verges were levelled and reseeded once our work was complete, however, it appears that these continue to be damaged by traffic.  Unfortunately, due to the time of year, we cannot turf these verges. We will revisit these areas in March to understand whether the verges require further attention.

In the meantime, you may wish to remind visitors and delivery drivers to avoid the verges wherever possible to avoid disturbing them further.

Customer drop-in sessions

From 30th January, a member of the customer team will be on site every two weels on a Tuesday at The Galley café between 11.00am and 2.00pm. We will be able to deal with any questions during these sessions.  Cadent will cover the costs of any tea or coffee purchased during these times.

We will be at The Galley Café next on Tuesday 27th February

Updating the Network

We look after the gas pipes in your area. We're committed to keeping you safe and warm. We maintain, repair and replace gas pipes to ensure the safe and reliable flow of gas now and long into the future.

As part of our ongoing commitment to upgrade the gas network in your area, we are replacing these pipes so you can continue to receive a reliable gas supply.

The government’s target for replacing all domestic gas mains pipes is 2032. This is a challenging target when you consider the number of pipes to be replaced throughout the country. What this means is that our work to upgrade the gas network continues all year round, regardless of season and weather conditions.  

We do appreciate that having your gas supply interrupted, however briefly, over winter is not ideal but please rest assured that we will do all we can to minimise the disruption to you and your families.  

See the FAQ for more information on this.

What are we doing?

We will be working in Horning between 10th January and April 2024. We are committed to be complete and out of the village in time for the Horning Boat Show in early May.

(please note that all dates are subject to change but include our final reinstatement work)

Mains replacement work

This work involves us digging holes in the pavements to expose the mains pipe before replacing this. We will need to interrupt your gas supply briefly on either one or two days on during the week we are in your road. Whether we need to attend on the second day will depend on the type of pipes between the mains pipe and the gas meter. In some cases, these will need to be replaced.

On the day(s) we interrupt your supply, someone will need access to your home early in the morning to switch off your supply (between 7-8.00am) and again later in the day (between 4pm and 8pm) to check your boiler function and reconnect your supply. One of our team will knock on your door to let you know at least 48 hours before this what day(s) your gas will be switched off. We’ll offer you an electric heater and hot plate. If you're not in, we will leave you a card with our contact details.