Decarbonising transport 

We’re exploring how cleaner, greener fuels can support the future of UK industry and commerce, particularly the logistics side in terms of making freight transport carbon- free.

We need to keep those goods on the move for the sake of the economy and we also need to get to Net Zero for the sake of our planet. Low carbon heavy vehicles will also really help to improve air quality for our children and ourselves. Fortunately, we're making great progress and are leading on this area within the energy sector.



We believe that green gas (bio-Compressed Natural Gas followed in a few years by hydrogen) should be the fuel of choice for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), ferries, trains and buses in the UK to support CO2 reductions and achieve cleaner air. HGVs account for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions from UK transport. A strategic switch from diesel to green gas will have a significant impact on the UK Government's commitment to reduce emissions by 100% by 2050.  

Our research

The Future Role of Gas in Transport
The Future Role of Gas in Transport sets out a clear pathway showing how the UK's heavy goods sector can start to achieve a significant reduction in emissions in the next few years. The use of hydrogen is critical to achieving net zero.

Hydrogen Grid to Vehicles
This report summarises the Hydrogen Grid to Vehicles (HG2V) project, outlining the supply chain challenges and associated milestones to accomplish UK-wide delivery of hydrogen to supply Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) - it addresses the practical issues associated with using the gas network to deliver fuel cell spec hydrogen to vehicles, in particular hydrogen purity.

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