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Safety & Sustainability Report2020/21


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Welcome to our 2021 Safety & Sustainability Report

We’re committed to always putting our customers and the environment at the heart of everything we do to make a positive and lasting difference to the communities in which we work.

We want to make things easier, fairer and greener whilst continuing to deliver an essential public service. As we work towards fulfilling this purpose, we strive to be known for exceptional performance in terms of safety, customer experience, employee engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion, environmental and social responsibility, and financial results.

This past year has exposed just how vulnerable we are to unexpected natural events and made the threat of climate change even more apparent. The good news is that this realisation is spurring change: Sustainability has become a global priority across public and private sectors, and with policymakers and individuals alike. At Cadent, we’re working with all our stakeholders to ensure sustainability is at the core of our business strategy, and every day we work alongside customers and partners to ensure their decarbonisation journeys are just as ambitious as ours.


We’re passionate about fuelling a thriving world, providing easier warmth, fairer opportunities and a greener society."

Dr Tony BallanceChief Strategy & Regulation Officer

Looking to the future

Our priorities for 2021/22

Firstly, I would like to thank my colleagues at Cadent for their outstanding commitment and dedication during the past year. Everyone truly stepped up to the challenge of continuing to safely deliver energy to our customers during unprecedented times through hard work and determination. I am very proud of what has been achieved over the last 12 months and excited by what the future will bring.

At Cadent, we are constantly striving to demonstrate to our customers and broader stakeholders that we are a force for good; an organisation committed to easier warmth, fairer opportunities and a greener society. Underpinning this commitment is a relentless focus on customer service and safety, of our employees and the public.

As a monopoly license holder we have responsibility and opportunity to continue to deliver sustainable services for the long term public good. We'll continue to operate efficiently and drive innovation to benefit society and our customers.


As a Board we want customers and stakeholders to see us as a force for good and our safety performance and sustainability agenda are key to achieving this.

Perry NobleChair of Sustainability Committee

Our sustainability framework

Continuing to keep our people and partners safe.

Safety is the foundation of our business. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our people, our customers and the general public.

Transforming our operations.

Renewing our network for the future, and delivering a reliable and resilient network to keep the energy flowing safely and reliably to all of our customers.

Connecting the UK to a greener future.

We are committed to our role in tackling climate change and as a responsible company for the communities we serve.

Creating an environment where we can deliver outstanding customer experiences time after time.

We are committed to creating a culture where people feel valued, included, and have the equal opportunities to succeed to support the creation of an environment where we can deliver outstanding customer experiences time after time.

Our social purpose.

Our Board and leadership at all levels are committed to operating as a responsible and ethical business, from our regulatory commitments and practices to our social actions.

Delivering our safety commitment

Continuing to keep our people and partners safe.

Safety remains the key value at the heart of our business and foremost in the minds of our employees; it is who we are and the foundation on which the business is built. We are trusted to keep the nation’s households safe and warm every day of the year and we take that trust very seriously indeed. We aim to ensure that every aspect of our work is as safe as it can be, whether that’s as part of our gas operations or in our non-operational activities. We also understand that only by being transparent about our performance can we continue to deserve that trust.

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Case studies

Providing a resilient network

Transforming our operations.

We have continued with our operational transformation to a customer- focused organisation. Our operational teams have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to deliver the critical services needed to support our communities and colleagues during a challenging period of uncertainty and significant change.

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Case studies

positive contribution Tackling climate change and improving the environment

positive contribution positive contribution

Connecting the UK to a greener future.

“As a responsible company, we are fully committed to our role in tackling climate change.”

Dr Tony Ballance

Chief Strategy & Regulation Officer

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Case studies

Ensuring a resilient network Delivering a quality experience for all

Ensuring a resilient network Ensuring a resilient network

Creating an environment where we can deliver outstanding customer experiences time after time.

Although our customers do not pay us directly, a proportion of their energy bill goes towards supporting the services we provide and they are directly impacted by the work we do in the communities we serve.

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Case studies

Trusted to act Trusted to act for our communities

Trusted to act Trusted to act

Our social purpose.

We are now at a pivotal point to reflect on the critical role we play in our communities; from transforming our operations and culture to maintaining safety and service levels, investing in our people, processes and systems.

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Case studies