Working in Technology

Our purpose is to “Keep people warm while protecting the planet” and in the IT function we embrace that ethos in everything we do. We invest in our technology stack, keeping it up to date with the latest releases as well as building new capabilities to support the development of our hydrogen future which is where the Data team come in to own.
We are changing the way we work in IT and building a Technology team that can build end to end solutions, manage and own the landscape through its whole lifecycle and really make a mark on the future of heating homes using hydrogen. Focused on product lines that are built on our key value streams, our ambition is to have self-organising teams that work and develop IT services in line with our business objectives over the next five years.
Our Governance function is essential to make sure we meet all of our regulatory and license obligations as well as supporting the development of IT colleagues, investing in training and supporting our capability build.
The team is made up of great expertise in our most critical areas but we are looking to increase the in-house team so we can manage the end-to-end landscape. We have an ambition to lead on our approach to Cyber Security across the sector. The high-profile nature of this work means you have access to resources and an opportunity to really drive significant improvements.
All these areas combined make for an exciting opportunity for everyone in my team. The IT Leadership team have offered a little more information below about what their areas do on a daily basis.

We have exciting IT roles available across our teams, search and apply here.

Kate Jones
Chief Information Officer

Data Management

"We offer a unique perspective for data professionals while from the organisational point of view we are part of the IT function - our mission is to maximise the value of data from our products, solutions and services used by our colleagues across the business. We are looking for passionate data analysts and specialists to help us democratise data and support teams across a breadth of functions to enable better decision making to ultimately give better experiences to our customers."  To join us search and apply here

Marta Czerep - Head of Data Management and Data Science