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Do a job that matters

Our Local Delivery Partner companies are recruiting trainee gas engineers in our North London network to work on Cadent’s gas projects and more.

Do a job that matters.
Over 20 million homes and businesses around the country use and rely on their gas supply every single day. The gas pipe network that supplies the gas that keeps you warm and cooks your food, has to be laid, upgraded and maintained by thousands of engineers. This is your opportunity to be part of that and do a job in utiltiies that matters to millions of people.
The jobs available in London are varied, including trainee gas engineers and apprentices covering GNO1 and NC01 qualifications, and are open to people with no experience, through to those more experienced seeking supervisor roles.

If you are unsure of your career path or you want to change your career and think engineering could be something you are interested in, then contact one of these companies directly and see where your career can go.
Importantly, training and qualifications are provided.
Get in touch with our partners today to apply (see details below) and discover the opportunities available.


The jobs available