Going further for customers living in vulnerable situations

The introduction of the Vulnerability and Carbon Monoxide Allowance (VCMA) in RIIO-2 has provided us with the flexibility to deliver an even greater positive impact to our customers and the communities we serve.

Our gas network covers some of the most deprived areas in the UK, and the situation is worsening as the cost of living increases and energy prices hit record levels. We enter thousands of customers’ homes every single day and have trained all our front-line colleagues to be able to spot signs of vulnerability, including living in fuel poverty, empowering them to offer a range of support through the VCMA funded initiatives that we have established.

Through our vulnerability strategy we have developed a suite of commitments in four key priority areas. Each of our VCMA projects contributes towards the delivery of these commitments, making positive differences to the lives of our customers through the interventions that we make.


We have a responsibility to ensure that the needs of our customers are understood and acted upon in a respectful and relevant way. We must find effective ways to identify our customers needs and understand the many situations that can lead to vulnerability across the communities we serve.

Our commitments

  • By 2026, we will have direct conversations with over two million of our customers to inform them of our Priority Services Register, which will ensure that they are provided with tailored services to meet their needs
  • Form over 80 strategic programme and project partnerships that will help to extend our reach and positive social impact.

We continue to raise awareness of the dangers through several innovative programmes, and intervene to reduce the risks from, this colourless, odourless toxic gas that can escape from poorly maintained flues and appliances.

Our commitments

  • By 2026, we will provide over 250,000 free CO alarms to customers living in fuel poverty.
  • Lead nationwide education and awareness campaigns helping millions of customers reduce their risk of harm.
  • Educate 200,000 of those most at risk to the dangers of CO.


We focus on whole home interventions tailored to the needs of each household, to provide practical and long-lasting affordability assistance to help customers living in fuel poverty.

Our commitments

By 2026, we will reach over one million customers with interventions to help them out of fuel poverty

  • One million people provided access to tools and advice to reduce their energy consumption and maximise their income
  • 100,000 customers provided with one-to-one free energy and income advice consultations

In addition to the VCMA we will:

  • Connect 10,000 customers to the gas network free of charge through the Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme (FPNES)
  • Fund 10,000 direct interventions to improve the energy efficiency of customers’ homes through the Cadent Foundation.


Centres for Warmth

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 East of England

 North London

 North West

 West Midlands


We continue to explore how we go beyond the minimum standards of service and work with a range of partners to ensure we never leave a customer vulnerable without gas.

Our commitments

  • By 2026, we will replace, repair or service over 26,000 boilers and appliances at no cost to the household
  • Train our front-line colleagues to spot signs of vulnerability and refer vulnerable situations to trained third parties for fully funded and tailored interventions.

Our previous company and collaborative reports can be found here and include detail of the projects we have funded using the VCMA.