Cadent is committed to strong corporate governance and high standards of ethical conduct. As part of this, we’re committed to Always Doing the Right Thing in the choices and decisions we make every day, both as individuals and as one team. In addition to being our ethical code, Always Doing the Right Thing underpins our company values, guiding the way we behave and how we work today, along with our aspirations for tomorrow.

The documents in this section provide support and direction in respect of this.



These documents are the current versions, but some were prepared before the change of company name so will therefore carry National Grid branding.

Annual Report 2018 
Audit Committee Statement  Jan 2019

 Cadent Metering Charging Statement 2019
Regulatory Accounting Statements 16-17
Regulatory Accounting Statements 17-18
 Disputed invoices process
 Modern Slavery Statement 2017/18
 Cadent Tax Strategy Statement
Gender pay statement 2018
 Cadent Metering Charging Statement 2018 
 Personal information on employees and contractors
 Business Separation Compliance Report
 Privacy policy for job applicants
 SSC A33 Compliance Statement
 A34 Annual Compliance Report
 Always Doing the Right Thing
 Anticorruption and bribery policy
Modern Slavery Statement 2016/17
 Whistleblowing policy
 Website acceptable use policy
 Directors Remuneration Statements letter to Ofgem - 2019
 Health and Safety Policy

 Long Term Development Plan 2018
Environmental sustainability policy

Gender pay statement 2018

We are pleased that both our mean and median pay gap stand below the UK average gender pay gap. We also recognise that we have further work to do. We are committed to consistently reviewing and addressing any imbalance we have within our business.