About us

There are some things in life you just need to work, without thinking about it, without any hassle.

Underneath your feet run 200 years of innovation; a pipe network connecting 11 million homes and businesses, an invisible commitment to meet your energy needs, today and tomorrow.

Cadent - at the heart of heat

Business with us

We're at the heart of heat.

We work closely with other gas networks and energy companies, always aiming to deliver value for our customers.

career opportunities at Cadent

Working for us

There are lots of opportunities at Cadent. Find out more about our culture and programmes.

Cadent - our history

Our history

We have a long history, reaching back over many years. Here are some of the key milestones.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise that we play a vital role in society so we care about how our operations affect our stakeholders, employees and customers.

A culture of innovation in everything we do

We take new ideas from lightbulb moments, through trials to everyday implementation; focusing on solutions that are safe, reliable and improve the customer experience.

The future role of gas

How are we making the gas network of today the gas network of the future?