Project Overview

Cadent manages the local network of underground pipes that carry gas to homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and other buildings, where it is used for heating, hot water and cooking. There are 21,000 miles of distribution pipes under North West England, and this includes a section of pipeline that runs alongside Ulverston Canal. 

This Whassett to Barrow High Pressure Gas Pipeline is a key pipeline, relied on by tens of thousands of homes – from Ulverston to Barrow in Furness – for warmth in the colder months of the year. Around 80 per cent of homes in this area have gas central heating. 

Assessments of the pipe in recent years has identified a need to move it away from its current location, which is within the towpath adjacent to Ulverston Canal. 

Our proposal is to install a new 850-metre section of pipeline in parallel with the existing pipeline, but outside of the immediate embankment area. Once this new pipeline is operational, the existing pipeline would be decommissioned. This means there would be no impact on gas supply while the work takes place, and Cadent can be confident of ensuring a long-term safe supply of gas to the local area. 

Our teams have been planning this work for some time, consulting with many agencies to consider a range of subjects from local ecology to availability of land. On 25 July 2023, Cadent made a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) to ensure it can acquire all of the land and rights required for the project. We have positively engaged with all landowners and continue to do so. The CPO enables Cadent to have certainty that it can deliver the project within the timescales needed to protect supply. 

All the relevant documents relating to the CPO are published on this page and objections must be submitted by 31 August 2023.


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If you would like more information about the CPO or the project please contact Cadent’s appointed land agents, Fisher German (Ellie-May Craddock) by telephone on 0845 013 2653 or by e-mail to