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    Working in your street

    We’re committed to upgrading the gas infrastructure across the UK. We’re replacing the existing metallic gas pipes with new plastic pipes, which will futureproof our network and allow us to keep the gas flowing.

    Your street has a main gas pipe running along it, as well as a smaller service pipe that connects gas to your home. We'll be replacing these with longer lasting plastic pipes.

    We replace circa 1,700 km of mains pipe and 160,000 service pipes to individual properties annually.

    To complete this work, we will need to dig holes in the public footpath/road as well as your private property to get to the pipes, turn off your gas, replace the pipe, turn your gas back on, then fill in the holes, reinstate the patch we dug and tidy up.

    When we are replacing the mains, we may require traffic management, road closures and diversion routes, public footpath closures, bus stop suspensions. This is to complete our work safely for our engineers, members of the public and road users.

    If you are to be directly impacted by our works (supply interruption) you should receive a letter sent to your address.

    Receive live updates to your phone To receive WhatsApp updates during our mains replacement work, simply message “Sign Me Up” on WhatsApp to 0789 701 7887. You will not be added to any groups or group chats with neighbours.

    The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a way for gas and electricity companies to know who needs extra help if there’s a power cut or emergency gas leak. If you think you, or someone you know, should be on the PSR, follow the Priority Services Register link on this page


    Working in your street

    Your street has a main gas pipe running along it, as well as a smaller pipe that connects gas to your property.

    We’ll be replacing these with longer lasting plastic pipes. To complete this work we will need to dig holes to get to the gas pipes, turn off your gas, replace the pipes, turn your gas back on, then fill in the holes and tidy up.

    Where possible, we will use the latest engineering methods to reduce the number of holes we dig, as well as the amount of time you will be without gas.


    Digging the holes

    Most of the work will take place in the road or footpath. When we are digging in your street, we will put up safety barriers and signs around our work.

    We’ll do everything we can to reduce disruption, but you may experience some noise as well as traffic and parking disruption.

    Our barriers may be there for a while depending on the work we need to do, but we will be able to explain more once we arrive.

    Our teams work in all weather helping to keep you safe and supplied with gas, so we appreciate your patience and understanding while we carry out this essential work.


    Turning your gas off and replacing the pipes

    To lay the pipe safely, we have to turn off your gas so we will need to enter your property. We’ll do this first thing in the morning, usually around 8am, but we’ll let you know in advance.

    We may need to come in to your property throughout the day, and you will need to ensure an adult (over 18) is there all day to enable us to do this work.

    In some cases we may need to turn your gas off twice. We may also have to move your gas meter, usually to an outside wall. We won’t know this until we arrive on site, but we’ll discuss this with you before starting work.


    Turning your gas back on

    Once the work is complete we will visit every property to safely turn the gas back on. Even if you can’t see us, we will be working up to 8pm to get everyone back on gas.

    If you’re not at home when we get to you, we’ll leave a card with our contact details.

    If we find a fault, we won’t be able to reconnect you until a Gas Safe engineer has carried out checks. We’re not authorised to repair appliances but we will explain what you need to do next.


    Filling in the holes

    If we have had to dig holes on your property, we’ll fill them in and replace the patch we’ve removed with turf, seed, tarmac or paving within five working days.

    If you have a concrete imprint drive, our specialist contractors will restore the patch surface so this may take a little longer.


    Tidying up

    Where we’re working in longer streets you may see us move up or across the road as we move on to the next stage of the project. We will tidy up after ourselves as we go and before we leave the street.

    It’s also worth being aware that where we have used new materials to restore any holes, the new surface may look different from the existing, older surface until it’s had time to ‘weather’ or for grass to grow.

    East of England – 0800 151 2404

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    East Midlands – 0800 090 3071

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    North London – 0800 085 4478

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    North West – 0800 090 3071

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    West Midlands – 0800 008 6590

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