The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a way that we can help those who have extra communication, access or safety needs to gain equal access to the best possible service(s) at all times. We understand that it can be a stressful time when your gas supply goes off, especially if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation, and the PSR helps us ensure that you can access the care that you deserve.

To join the Priority Services Register please complete our registration form 

What is the Priority Services Register?

The PSR is a completely free service, designed to make it easier for those who need a little extra help. Each energy supplier and electricity network operator maintain their own register, meaning that you can register with us and receive essential benefits that will make the management of your energy supply easier. These include:

  • Providing you with alternative heating and cooking facilities should your gas supply be interrupted as part of our works.
  • The use of a password facility to keep you safe on your doorstep. You can read more about how we strive to protect you from bogus callers by ensuring that out engineers follow a strict process and must allow you to check their credentials should you not be expecting their call.
  • Nominating someone to deal with your bills or help in a power cut on your behalf.
  • Offering you information in other formats like large print, audio CD, braille.
  • Providing translation services should there be a need for it 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • Receiving an annual free gas safety check (where eligible) to check your gas supply and appliances are safe to use.
  • Advance notice of planned power cuts by your electricity network operator so you can prepare or advise them that you may need help on the day.
  • Priority support in the event of a power cut. Network operators aim to provide welfare in the form of meals, drinks, warmth and charging points, as well as receiving priority updates.
  • For the purposes of safety, if you are unable to reach your gas emergency control valve (ECV) due to poor mobility, we may be able to move this for you. To find out if you are eligible for this service, please call us on 0800 0745 788 to talk with one of our team members to discuss it further.
  • Priority support from your water company in the event of a water supply issue or outage

In the event of a major power, gas or water outage, all networks work closely with third party agencies to help provide extra support including your Local Authority, emergency services and British Red Cross.

We are constantly looking at ways to positively improve our processes to raise awareness of the PSR, the services that we offer to support customers to stay safe, warm and independent in their homes and innovations such as the Locking Cooker Valve 

The PSR is an energy industry-wide register – all participating companies are signed up to the PSR Promise.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for the Priority Services Register?

Eligibility for the Priority Services Register is dependent on a variety  of  factors. You and others in your household can join the register if you:

  • Use medical equipment reliant on electricity or water
  • Are pregnant or live with children under five 
  • Are blind or partially sighted
  • Are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Have a chronic illness
  • Have anxiety, depression or any mental health condition
  • Have a disability
  • Are of pensionable age
  • Have a loss or impairment of smell
  • Need documents translated into another format or language
  • Temporarily need extra support due to life changes such as post hospital recovery or bereavement.

Join the Priority Services Register now

It’s easy to join the Priority Services Register, and what’s more, it' is free.

We’re more than happy to help you get registered, simply complete in the form below.  

If you need some support completing the form or would prefer to speak to us please give us a call on 0800 389 8000 and one of our team will assist you.

Alternatively, you can also register for the PSR through your own energy supplier. You can do this on their website or you can give them a call. This information is also on your bills..

It is important for us to support and safeguard the communities we work in and make sure everyone gets the support that they might need during an incident such as no gas. So, we do not use explicit consent for basis of registration. Instead, we use Substantial Public Interest. This does not alter your rights under UK GDPR, such as request for removal should you wish.

If you have already registered with your Electricity Distribution Network Operator, energy supplier, water company, you do not need to register again with us.

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Priority Services Register - Frequently Asked Questions

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