The Priority Services Register Promise

    The PSR is a service provided by participating utility companies. This includes gas, electricity, water, and sewerage providers. It aims to offer additional support to households with specific needs in the event of service interruptions.

    It helps utility companies like us, vary our services to give you extra support. The PSR can help if your household has additional communication, access, or health needs.

    The PSR:

    • is not used for any marketing purposes
    • is completely free to join
    • includes participating utility companies in England, Wales and Scotland

    • Priority communication for planned and unplanned outages.
    • Tailored communication including in alternative formats. For example Braille, large print, translations and audio files.
    • Access to heating, cooking and water alternatives if your supply is interrupted (based on need).
    • Extra support if you have medical equipment that relies on power and water.

    You can join online or contact your utility company directly. They can guide you through the registration process.

    You can contact us on 0800 389 8000

    Once registered you will be contacted to confirm your details are accurate and up to date. Care givers and family members can register you on your behalf.

    Under the Data Protection Act, we must tell you that we use the legal basis of substantial public interests (SPI) to share your PSR data. We do this in the best interests of all to keep you safe, warm and connected to your essential utility services.

    Utility companies work with trusted partners during major incidents, like storms, so they can support. The British Red Cross is an example of a trusted partner.

    Your data will be stored securely. We only share data that is essential to support you.

    We will only use your data:

    • to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another person, if you or they are incapable of providing consent
    • if there is a substantial public interest for doing so. For example to ensure equality of treatment
    • under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004

    We will:

    • never use PSR data for marketing purposes
    • never charge you for the services we provide through the PSR
    • do our best to ensure that your additional needs are supported (communication, access, or health)
    • only share data necessary to support you.
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