We play an essential role in keeping customers safe, warm and connected to their gas supplies. As part of our commitments to the communities we serve, we work with our partners in the utilities sector and beyond to share ideas and improve together.

Read on to find out about a range of our flagship projects, which support our four key focus areas below. We want to hear from you, and potentially work with you - get involved using the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Future of gas: We are shaping a more sustainable future, by progressing the decarbonisation of heat, power and transport
  • Supporting our customers: We are always exploring new solutions to keep customers – including those in vulnerable situations – safe, warm and independent in their home
  • Accessibility and inclusion: We are committed to being an inclusive employer and providing services for all
  • Data and innovation: We are embracing new tools, systems and ways of working to enhance the experience of our customers

We are committed to working with experts in our sector and beyond to share ideas, learn, and improve. Our collaborative approach is key to delivering the service customers expect today and tomorrow."

Mark Belmega

Director of Customer Strategy

Future of gas

Accessibility and inclusion

Supporting our customers

Data and innovation

Future of gas

Shaping a more sustainable future

Protecting the environment and transforming our energy system is hugely important for us and the communities we serve – now and for the future. 

To ensure that we are at the forefront of creating energy solutions for the future, we work closely with government on policy, reaching out to new audiences, experimenting in our communication methods and innovating with the support of partners and our supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint.

Supporting our customers

Keeping people safe, warm and independent

Anyone can be vulnerable if their circumstances change and rather than using labels, we prefer to focus on individual needs and what we can do to ensure customers stay safe, warm, connected and independent in their homes.

Our customer vulnerability strategy forms the backbone of our approach and focuses on our stakeholders’ top priorities: increasing PSR registrations, raising awareness of carbon monoxide (CO), tackling fuel poverty and providing services for all.

Accessibility and inclusion

Providing services for all

Being trusted by our customers is extremely important to us. We’re an essential public service provider so it’s important that you trust us to act responsibly for our communities and always deliver on our promises.

To truly respond to our customers’ needs, it’s vital that our workforce reflects the communities we serve.  We work hard to create an inclusive environment for colleagues, customers and communities.

Data and innovation

Enhancing customer experience

We're committed to providing an outstanding experience for our customers. 

Our focus now and for the foreseeable future is to keep innovating at pace, bringing effective tools, techniques and processes to market to keep the energy flowing safely, reliably and with minimal disruption.

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