How to find your gas meter and turn off the gas supply

In your home it’s really important to know where to find your gas meter because this is where you will turn off the gas supply if advised to do so, or in a gas emergency.

Where to find your gas meter

The meter could be in various places inside or outside of your home, including:
  • In a garage
  • At the back of your house
  • Under the stairs
  • In the kitchen
  • Or outside the front or side of your house.

In multiple occupancy buildings, the meter can also be in various places around the home or in communal areas, but will usually be inside.

Different types of gas meters

There are different types of meter box and they vary depending on the pressure in the gas mains and the meter’s location.
There are 4 types of meter box, which are:
  1. Built in / recessed
  2. Semi concealed
  3. Surface / wall mounted
  4. Kiosk

Accessing your meter

To access the meter you will need a key to open the door to the gas meter box. Simply insert and turn the key to open the door.

How to turn off your gas supply

Now you know where your meter is, you can turn off your gas supply should you need to in an emergency situation, or if advised to do so.

Open your gas meter box and locate the red tap handle near to the pipe. This is the emergency control valve (ECV).  This handle will be aligned with the pipe; to switch off the supply you should turn it either 90 degrees to the left or 90 degrees to the right (a quarter turn clockwise or anti-clockwise).  The gas supply is now off. Don’t turn it back on until advised it’s safe to do so.

In a gas emergency, such as a suspected gas leak, you will be advised to turn off the gas supply. You will also need to open windows and doors to ventilate your property. You should not to turn on any power or switches, light any flames or use any appliances that could cause a spark.

For more advice if you smell gas in or outside your home see Smell gas page.

The gas emergency number

If you smell gas, or suspect carbon monoxide at home, act quickly and call the national gas emergency number on 0800 111 999 who will talk you through the steps which include turning off your gas supply at the meter.*  Add the number to your phone today.
*All calls are recorded and may be monitored