Business Support Roles

Ambition. Drive. Ideas – and plenty of them! Our talented team of business support professionals have these by the bucket load. And, it’s qualities like these, that enable our customer facing colleagues to operate at their very best.
Based at one of our main office sites on the outskirts of Coventry or Hinckley, you’ll be supported to develop, grow and become the very best you can be. Our internal learning and development initiatives are designed to help you become professionally accredited in your chosen field and gain the exposure and experience you need to climb to the top of your profession.
Added to which, ours is an industry where you know that what you do every day really matters, and that the career path you’ve chosen and the value you’re personally adding is helping to shape the future of energy in the UK. And that’s pretty special.

Business Areas


We add real value to the business, partnering with teams across the business to take on and meet the exciting challenges that Cadent faces, now and in the future. By developing key stakeholder relationships, we achieve insights into how best to improve our performance as a HR team – and how to support the business to drive through change and a high performance culture.
We’re creating an environment where excellence is the norm, removing blockers that stop change and ensuring a clear focus on continuous improvement. And we're using technology to work smarter, and data, analytics and insight to inform our decision making.
We're a collaborative team who set each other up for success, and together we’re setting the agenda for people in our business to build something great. From Payroll and Learning and Development to Resource and Talent Management, you’ll succeed here if you share our energy, passion and commitment to changing things for the better.


As an incredibly diverse team we cover core Financial Management, Reporting, Treasury, Accounting and Business Planning (Inc. RIIO2). We also monitor Financial Performance, Planning and Budgeting, Insurance and Compliance, Risk, and Gateway Management. So, there are many different areas you can explore as a member of our talented team.
We excel at financial governance. And we’re proud to contribute to the change requirements within the business from a process and performance perspective.
Driving continuous improvement strategies to benefit our £1.9 billion turnover
and our 6,000 strong workforce, we pull together the many separate strands of our operational business to create a picture of Cadent as a whole.
Working together as a community of finance experts, we identify what works well and where improvements can be made to increase our financial performance knowing that, in doing so, we’re also playing our part in driving-up the quality of the customer experience.


Experience all the excitement of a start-up, backed by the security and stability of a mature business. With us you’ll use technology to constantly innovate and shape the gas service of the future. From virtual reality to augmented environments, you'll explore cool ideas and smart solutions - helping our engineers maximise their day and our customers receive a reliable and constantly improving service.
Working with the best technology around, you’ll help protect our customers, safeguard our assets and keep 11 million connections flowing. You’ll also contribute to transformation projects like renewables, smart networks and metering. In return, we’ll support you, respect you and offer you every opportunity to succeed.
What you do here matters. The problems you solve and solutions you suggest will have a wide-reaching impact of life. And not a lot of other IS careers can say that.

General Counsel

Working with us is exciting. Everything that the business is planning, working on, or has previously done, passes through our department – offering you a unique insight into all of Cadent’s activities. Involved at the very first stages of new initiatives, we guide processes from a legal and risk management perspective and support the business to maximise new opportunities, prevent future issues and manage emerging ones.
A 28-strong department of Lawyers, Company Secretariats, Auditors, Assurance Managers and Assistants, we support 6,000 employees, serving a community of 11,000,000 customers. Our three core teams include the Company Secretariat, which makes sure we maintain rigorous standards of corporate governance, Legal, and Audit and Risk who set our risk management procedures, provide assurance and support our commitment to Always Doing the Right Thing.
If you share our commitment, are passionate about understanding the needs of others and enjoy solving problems before they arise – you’ll fit right in here.


From the gas mains replacement programme to all customer led diversions, reinforcements and domestic and non-standard connection work, our 330-strong department is made up of five teams:
Contract Management and Control
We contract manage two Gas Distribution Strategic Partners - tRIIO and Balfour Beatty, equating to £450m per annum.
Engineering Delivery Services
Managing the design and build of complex engineering projects, our workbook value is c.£90m over the remainder RIIO GD1.
Planning and Assurance
Focused on timely and accurate asset data recording, we typically make 14,000 updates to our digital pipe asset records a year.
Capital Delivery
Managing the design and build of above seven bar construction projects, our biggest single diversion is 1100m of 48” high pressure.
Engineering and Safety Assurance
Providing engineering and design assurance, and safety management advice to the Gas Distribution Strategic Partners we perform over 4,000 compliance visits each year.


We’re the people who make sure our business has the goods and services it needs, in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. Put simply, we build strong commercial capability and focus within our teams, to identify and deliver value for money solutions for our organisation and our customers.
Expertly connecting our external supply chains to our wider business goals and ambitions we drive real value for Cadent. For you, this means responsibility from day one because, as a category led function, you’ll have end-to-end accountability to deliver value from your category of spend.
From Category Managers and Senior Buyers to Buyers and Assistant Buyers we, look for people who share our curiosity, can solve problems and challenge the status quo. A commercial, analytical mind, the drive to understand our markets and see opportunities through to delivery will also be key to our success and yours.

Safety and Network Strategy

We’re central to the future of the gas network. We drive the changes that will enable innovative low carbon energy solutions such as hydrogen to be transported through the network. We set safety and engineering policy. We develop investment, operation and future strategies. And, we ensure all day to day operation conforms to legislative requirements.
We’re professional engineers. Problem solvers. Deep thinkers. We’re people with a wealth of legislative and technical understanding, which we use to focus on:

  • Safety, Health, Environment and Security
  • Engineering Services
  • Gas Supply
  • Asset Strategy and Investment
  • Future of Gas
  • Data and Performance  

If you’ve experience gained in Asset Management, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Data Management and Analytics, Process Control, Assurance and Audit or Project Management, join us. Working on 30,000 operations on the live gas network, you’ll enjoy a high quality career, investment and plenty of opportunity to progress.

Regulatory Strategy

We’re involved with everything that Cadent does. We influence external stakeholders and help to drive industry wide change to the gas and energy markets. Providing a bridge between short-term day to day tactical business activities, and the longer term destination that Cadent is travelling towards, what we do is high-level, purposeful and very important.
Curiosity is vital. We need to understand what our customers want from us and what our strategy is in order to deliver value - one year, ten years and 30 years from now. Only by understanding this can we set the regulatory framework we operate in and the future outputs we’ll deliver.
We’re at the heart of driving change. We gather insight to support a challenging and innovative business plan. We manage industry contracts with 50 gas shippers, engage with 19 stakeholder groups, and set strategy for the RIIO-2 Price Control, worth £10bn. Dynamic problem solvers skilled in regulation, economics, finance, commerce or stakeholder engagement will thrive here.

Communications and External Affairs

Working here is exciting, fast-paced and varied. Our finger’s on the pulse of everything happening at Cadent. We listen closely to developments in our business and our communities, and update colleagues, customers and stakeholders with the things that matter to them.
Acting as custodians of our brand, we choose the best channels through which to share information - making sure we apply our brand, tone of voice and values to everything we do. This helps to consistently shape our customers’ and stakeholders’ understanding of our business and our priorities, now and in the future.
Covering Marketing, Internal Comms, External Affairs and Media - a real sense of community and belief in putting the customer at the heart of everything we do unites us. To succeed here, you’ll share our passion and be a clear communicator, able to translate often complex issues into simple terms, for a range of audiences.

Customer Performance

With 560 people working across six teams, we’re one of the largest areas of the business. As a result, we offer a variety of careers, focused on delivering great outcomes for customers, through daily contact and process improvement. Our teams include:
  • Customer Centre
  • Process Teams
  • Risk, Assurance and Engagement team
  • Strategic Change Team
  • Separation and Performance Reporting & Management Information (PRMI) Teams
  • Connections
We work together to make sure our customers’ experience is second to none. We deal with direct customer enquiries as part of our Customer Centre and Connections team. From our 24/7 emergency call handling service to our Process and Strategic Change teams, we always want to do whatever we can to get the best outcomes for our customers.