Customer and stakeholder engagement

Mark Belmega"Effective engagement is a fundamental part of us realising the ambition set out in our vision statement – ‘to set the standards that all of our customers love and others aspire to’. We transport gas to nearly 11m homes and businesses and the requirements of each and every one of our customers are potentially different. We interact with a wide range of stakeholders all of the time and their views and expertise are critical in informing the way that we operate and how we work together to improve the experiences of our customers. 

We are engaging to improve the services that we offer today, to inform our business plan for the next five years (RIIO2) and to play a pivotal role in supporting the UK’s transition from traditional sources of heat to more sustainable solutions into the future. I am excited to be leading Cadent’s engagement strategy not just as we prepare for RIIO 2 but beyond."

Mark Belmega, Director of Customer Strategy

At Cadent we believe that listening and connecting with our customers and stakeholders is of utmost importance.  It helps us to understand what it is our customers and stakeholders want and expect from us, what’s important, what services they require and how we can provide those services in the most effective way.

If you would like to connect with us and tell us what you would like from Cadent please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch.  

Why we want to engage:

We are passionate about connecting with our customers and stakeholders and working closely together to develop our Business now and in the future, so much so we have created a business ambition:

“We will understand and act upon the needs of our stakeholders and customers through a continually improving, tailored approach that gets the best outcome from our engagement.

Our passion is to work hand-in-hand with our customers and stakeholders to make sure our business plans are fit for present and future generations.”

How we are engaging:

We are listening to you, our customers and stakeholders, in a number of ways. Over the last 12 months, we’ve held a series of workshops and focus groups across the country, and carried out phone and face-to-face interviews. It doesn’t stop there though! We’re constantly looking at new and different ways to involve you, such as:

  • using feedback from the complaints, enquiries and customer satisfaction surveys we receive as a result of our day-to-day work
  • working with Government on the role gas has to play in decarbonising heat and transport
  • working together with other organisations in the gas industry on surveys, focus groups and workshops
And we have plans for further engagement:
  • stakeholder, business and domestic customer surveys
  • customer forum

Hear Mark Belmega, Director of Customer Strategy and Dave Moon, Director of RIIO-2 share the commitments we are making for our current and future customers with our on-demand webinar. 

How you can get involved:

Help to shape our business plan by taking part in our survey- we’d love to hear what your priorities are. See the box out on the right for our current live surveys. 

The customer forum is made up of members from across each of our regions.  The purpose of the forum is to invite customers to take an active part in helping us understand how we can improve the way we run our business both now and in the future.  This will take place through a number of different formats making sure that everyone is given the opportunity to input.