It’s crunch time for net zero and households are relying on businesses to help them become ‘greener.’

    As part of our ongoing ‘Energy Diaries’ consumer insight series, in partnership with Thinks Insight, new findings have revealed that over two thirds of consumers are struggling to be sustainable because they simply can’t afford to be.

    While reassuringly, the research highlighted that over 50% of people think it’s important for everyone to be ‘greener’, managing every day costs remains the priority, with more than half saying that energy bills negatively impact every area of their life.

    We have followed the real-life experiences of consumers and their energy use and within the latest study, focused on sustainability against the cost-of-living backdrop. It’s now crunch time for the UK and vital that businesses take the lead in helping consumers to understand and implement sustainability measures and importantly, ensuring the vulnerable are also supported.

    Read our report and hear from our Energy Diariests in our latest video.

    The Energy Diaries: Fair Sustainability Report

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