Preparing for scaling hydrogen production

Our ambition is to make hydrogen a safe, fair and reliable choice for consumers. The delivery of net zero by 2050 requires an unprecedented amount of change, investment and collaboration.

As the UK’s largest distributor of natural gas to 11 million homes and businesses, we are focused on what we can do to move away from fossil fuels to other kinds of low carbon energy such as hydrogen in a way that protects consumers and creates high-quality jobs.

Latest update to Our Ten Point Plan - September 2022

Launching Our Ten Point Plan - September 2021

In order to achieve the full potential of this plan, we will seek collaboration with Government to deliver:

  • A regulatory framework that enables the blending of hydrogen into the gas grid and supports new hydrogen infrastructure
  • Business models that enable hydrogen production to scale-up and attract investment
  • The mandating of hydrogen-ready boilers and appliances as soon as possible
  • A focus on skills and skill development across the hydrogen sector

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