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    Industrial Decarbonisation


    The UK Government’s policy direction included the publication of the Ten point plan for a green industrial revolution and the UK hydrogen strategy, outlining a vision for hydrogen development.

    The government has confirmed the  first industrial clusters ( HyNet and East Coast Cluster) are being progressed. Most recently, the British energy security strategy includes ambitions to double previous hydrogen targets to 10 GW by 2030.


    HyNet is a consortia project which will both upgrade existing infrastructure, as well as the develop new infrastructure. This includes underground pipelines, hydrogen production plants and storage facilities.

    HyNet includes:

    More information on HyNet can be found here: https://hynet.co.uk/

    East Coast Hydrogen

    East Coast Hydrogen provides a solution to connect these industrial clusters with other supply points, such as the East Midlands Hydrogen Innovation Zone, and export hydrogen production across the North of England – enabling the seamless conversion of businesses and homes to 100% hydrogen where it is best deployed. This collaborative programme between Northern Gas Networks, Cadent and National Grid represents an opportunity for the Government and the private sector to work together in delivering on our ambitious decarbonisation targets.

    Further Research and development

    Capital Hydrogen

    Capital Hydrogen is a collaboration between Cadent, National Gas Transmission and SGN. It is a 15-20 year programme that will allow a transition from a natural gas network to a hydrogen network in London, the East of England and the South East.  Working with key stakeholders, Capital Hydrogen will identify and realise the potential which hydrogen brings to the development of the low carbon economy in the region. 

    You can read more about this programme here: https://www.capitalhydrogen.co.uk/

    Hydrogen Valley

    The Hydrogen Valley is being delivered in collaboration by Cadent and National Gas Transmission (formerly known as National Grid Gas Transmission), two of the UK’s largest gas networks, which is an important, cross-network initiative to demonstrate how their networks can be repurposed to deliver hydrogen throughout the UK.

    You can read more about this programme here: https://www.hydrogenvalley.co.uk/

    What are we doing?

    We’re involved in several hydrogen projects in partnerships with the energy sector.

    The three main areas we lead on are blending, industrial power and decarbonising heavy transport.

    Blended Hydrogen
    Industrial Decarbonisation
    Decarbonising heavy transport
    Making our network green gas ready
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