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    The regulatory framework to deliver net zero

    We are now at a crucial point in the journey towards net zero:
    where we must turn ambition into action, and delivery for the benefit of consumers and wider society. As the UK’s largest gas distributor we are acutely aware of the scale of change needed and are focused on playing our part. To enable the energy sector to make changes at pace, we need to ensure regulatory and industry frameworks are fit-for-purpose to support the energy transition.

    Read our RIIO for 2050 report

    We have identified five priority areas which require consideration:


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    What are we doing?

    We’re involved in several hydrogen projects in partnerships with the energy sector.

    The three main areas we lead on are blending, industrial power and decarbonising heavy transport.

    Blended Hydrogen
    Industrial Decarbonisation
    Decarbonising heavy transport
    Making our network green gas ready
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