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    Our Insights

    The path to net zero is incredibly complex. It will require smart thinking, collaboration, and open and honest sharing of credible insight that has been developed by the best minds from across academia and industry.
    There is no silver bullet to meet the UK’s net zero ambition – it is truly a joint endeavour.
    Our part in this journey is to be forensic in our research and share our findings on this page.


    Ensuring that there is a strong evidence base available to help inform the seismic decision that Government will be taking over the next few years is paramount to our universal future.

    We will be bringing you a series of information that is transparent, unbiased, and framed in true academic rigour.

    The partners we have worked with have the highest integrity when it comes to their work, and we stand by their findings. We are committed to continuing in being transparent about publishing our findings.

    You can find them here, and on our social media channels and we actively welcome views, comments, and peer reviews.

    Insight Reports

    This 2024 UK research study with Verve, explores behaviour change and change resistance to Net Zero, including attitudes towards sustainability, with some interesting findings.

    Net Zero report

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    Email : [email protected]

    What are we doing?

    We’re involved in several hydrogen projects in partnerships with the energy sector.

    The three main areas we lead on are blending, industrial power and decarbonising heavy transport.

    Blended Hydrogen
    Industrial Decarbonisation
    Decarbonising heavy transport
    Making our network green gas ready
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