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Future Heat for Everyone

It may feel as though 2050 is a long time away. But time is short. To upgrade almost every home in the UK from both an insulation and heating perspective and provide the infrastructure to deliver the energy is a very significant task, the scale of which has never been delivered before. This will require huge levels of investment – the Climate Change Committee (CCC) estimate a total of £250bn by 2050. It will also need to be done systematically and with consumers at the forefront to have a good chance of being successful.

We have launched Our Green Print – Future Heat for Everyone – our plan for the actions that we can start to take today, fully considering the technical, consumer and economic aspects, in order to achieve the transition to low carbon heat.

In doing so, we have focused on the role of hydrogen specifically. That is not to say that actions are not needed to accelerate the deployment of heat pumps or heat networks – they are. It is simply to say that others in these sectors are better placed to comment on how implementation there should be accelerated.

View Our Green Print to understand the technical aspects of decarbonising home heating, firstly setting out the scale of the challenge, then the options that are available for us to get there, and then finally looking specifically at the role hydrogen could play.

Our Green Print sets out

  • The challenge of delivering solutions that work
  • The low carbon heating technologies that can help us meet this challenge
  • The role that hydrogen can play; looking into production, safety and what conversion might look like
  • Understanding the consumers point of view
  • Finding the right balance of technologies

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