Around 83% of UK households – that’s 11 million customers – are connected to the fossil gas network today. They rely on gas to be there whenever they need it – for heating and cooking – and it responds brilliantly to changes in demand.

It just works.  We believe that it makes sense to carry on using the gas network for which customers have already paid and to make it deliver lower carbon gases rather than fossil gas.   

100 homes and 30 faculty buildings  
successfully using the blend

Fortunately this is possible, particularly when we consider blended hydrogen which is where HyDeploy comes in. Cadent lead the HyDeploy consortium which includes Progressive Energy Ltd, Keele University and Northern Gas Networks. HyDeploy is demonstrating that a blend of 20% hydrogen and 80% fossil gas can be used safely and effectively by customers without them even noticing any difference. 100 ordinary houses at Keele University are using this blend to heat and cook with and the customers are very pleased with it.

They have not had to change their existing gas appliances because the blend works perfectly well with them.

In fact there has been very little disruption for any of these customers.

We now aim to persuade the Government to apply this learning to the whole of the UK so that we can all start to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes, get used to using hydrogen and take the first step on the road to net zero.

Watch our video to find out more:


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