Smell gas or suspect CO?

If you can smell gas, suspect a carbon monoxide emergency or know a pipeline has been struck call the National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours a day on 0800 111 999.

All calls may be monitored and recorded.

Domestic connections

You can apply online for a Gas Connection, Alteration & Disconnection. There are eight simple steps to getting the work done.

Are our pipe upgrades affecting you?

We look after the pipes that bring gas to your home or business. Much of our work happens in the street or your home and we want to help you understand a bit more about how you might be affected.

Latest news

A culture of innovation

Working with colleagues and technology partners, our innovation team take new ideas from lightbulb moments to everyday implementation; focusing on solutions that are safe, reliable and improve the customer experience.

Connecting to our network

Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) develop, own, operate and maintain local gas transportation networks.

Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs) design and construct gas (and other) infrastructure, on behalf of their customers, us and other IGTs.

How to become a supplier

We use the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) of suppliers when compiling lists of potential vendors for its goods and services requirements. For the majority of our purchases, it is a condition of supplying to us that vendors are registered on the UVDB.

The Future of Gas

Today’s gas network is sophisticated, resilient and versatile. We want to make it even more flexible because the way we use the gas network in future will be different from how we use it today.

What we do in the gas industry

At Cadent our job is to connect customers to the gas they use – whether its homes, factories, shops or businesses. We work with other companies to ensure gas is available when and where it’s needed.

We own, run and maintain four gas networks in England ensuring that the gas pipes beneath the ground bring gas to your property safely.

Think of them as A-roads beneath the ground – to keep the energy flowing. We are responsible for the gas whilst it is being transported.

We don't sell gas. The gas we transport is owned by your gas company.