Message from Howard Forster, Chief Operating Officer

Energy networks like Cadent have been recognised as critical industries throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We make sure gas safely reaches homes, hospitals and schools, as well as businesses, factories, and industry.

The safety of our customers and colleagues has always been our absolute priority. We continue to provide the national gas emergency service.  If you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide, please call us immediately on the free number 0800 111 999*.  Our colleagues are available 24hrs a day, seven days a week to answer your gas emergency.
We have also continued with our maintenance programme to annually replace around one per cent of the 80,000 miles of underground mains we look after, as they reach the natural end of their safe working lives. 

Some of these are old pipes and showing signs of age. We must replace them so we can help remove the risk of gas leaks and ensure a safe and reliable gas supply. We have changed the way we do that now so that it takes account of all guidelines associated with COVID-19. 

If colleagues need to enter people’s homes, they will be wearing all the appropriate protective clothing to keep those living there safe. This will include disposable gloves, masks and safety glasses. They will ask residents to stay in a separate room. They will work as efficiently as possible and wipe down any surfaces they have touched before leaving the property.

Colleagues will observe social distancing from the public and from each other. However, where work tasks require colleagues to work more closely together, contact between colleagues will be kept to a minimum, they will wear the appropriate PPE for the task and follow good hygiene rules.

We are continuing to work hard to keep the gas flowing safely across our networks to your homes and businesses during this time. 

If we need to visit your home, we will need to ask you some extra questions:

  • Is there anyone in your property with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
  • Are you or anyone in the property in self-isolation on medical advice (sheilding) or following contact with someone who has the virus?

Please do not worry about these questions – we will still come to you.  If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’ we will take the following measures so that we can keep you, our colleagues and other people safe.

  •  We will ask that people in the property stay in a separate room from the engineer while he or she carries out essential work or safety checks.  For example, stay in a room where there are no gas appliances or the gas meter.
  • Please open the windows in the room where the engineer will be working.
  • Our engineer will wear appropriate protective clothing as a precaution.
  •  Once our engineer has finished their work and leaves, they will remove the gloves, dispose of them safely and then thoroughly wash their hands before going to the next property.

We are available to answer your questions or concerns Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm on 0800 389 8000 or email us at

We will continue to provide regular updates via our Facebook and Twitter feeds and her on our website.

Additional resources

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COVID-19 Risk assessment certificate 

We have undertaken COVID-19 risk assessments, which are regularly reviewed.  The additional controls required as a consequence of these risk assessments have been incorporated into our guidance and procedures, and shared with our colleagues through the usual channels.

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Further advice

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