Priority Service Register - I want to register someone else

I want to register someone I know for extra support

If you are a carer, friend of relative of someone who has vulnerabilities or additional needs, then providing they agree, you can refer them onto the Priority Services Register (PSR).

It's free to join and helps energy companies like us look after customers who have extra communication, access or safety needs such as people with:

  • A chronic or serious illness or who are dependent on medical equipment including oxygen
  • Poor mobility, sight, hearing, smell, speech or language difficulties
  • Draw a pension or have children aged under five
  • Mental health issues, dementia, developmental conditions such as autism or need someone to be present with them
  • Temporary life changes such as post hospital recovery

Priority services register (sign language)

We're very proud of the partnership that we've been building with RAD to support the deaf community and thank them for supporting the energy industry with the deveopment of the PSR.

PSR Frequently Asked Questions

PSR FAQs Download

More information on how the Priority Services Register works and how to register.