Defeating the silent killer: Cadent sponsors energy advice booklet for Bromley-by-Bow Centre

helping our community

  • Cadent sponsors energy advice booklet for Bromley-by-Bow Centre
  • Booklet includes potentially lifesaving Carbon Monoxide safety advice as well as energy saving tips and fun puzzles
  • Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning kills approximately 50 people each year with many more hospitalisations  
Cadent is continuing its work to defeat the so called silent killer, carbon monoxide, by sponsoring a new energy advice booklet for a Tower Hamlets based advice centre.
The Bromley-by-Bow Centre runs energy advice sessions for the local community in Tower Hamlets and the surrounding boroughs. The service sees around 1,000 people per year and attendees include some of the most vulnerable people in the community.
Cadent recently attended one of the sessions and highlighted carbon monoxide safety advice. Cadent has also agreed to sponsor the printing of an energy advice booklet ‘You’ve Got the Power’ which the Centre has produced.
The booklet includes potentially lifesaving safety advice regarding Carbon Monoxide as well as energy saving tips and puzzles for children and will be available to visitors to the Centre.
Jo Goodman, Financial Inclusion Manager for the Bromley-by-Bow Centre said: “The You’ve Got the Power’ booklet was first put together following feedback from local residents who serve as ‘energy champions’ that existing material being given out wasn’t engaging. We then worked with the champions to put together something which was new, fresh and fun, as well as being accessible and user friendly. It even includes puzzles for children to try and get the whole family involved.”
She added: “It was really fortunate that Cadent got involved at the time we needed more funding for the booklet and they also enabled us to include really helpful new content on gas and carbon monoxide safety which will be invaluable for residents.”
Hayley Tranter, Cadent Social Responsibilities Stakeholder Specialist commented: ““Promoting carbon monoxide awareness and alleviating fuel poverty are priorities for Cadent.
”Our work with the Bromley-by-Bow Centre has both increased Carbon Monoxide awareness among residents in the Tower Hamlets area and also supported the Centre’s work to eliminate fuel poverty.”
Known as the silent killer carbon monoxide cannot be seen, smelt or heard.
Carbon monoxide symptoms can be confused with flu or other illnesses with symptoms including headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, collapse and loss of consciousness.
Signs to look out for within properties include the following:
  • Gas appliances burning with orange or yellow flames instead of blue flames
  • Sooty stains on or near appliances
  • Pilot lights that frequently blow out
  • Increased condensation inside windows
If carbon monoxide is suspected all doors and windows in the property should be opened and people should move outside into the fresh air.
The Gas Emergency Service should be called on 0800 111 999* (Calls are recorded and may be monitored) and if someone has collapsed or is displaying severe symptoms medical help should be sought by calling 999 or 112.
For more information on Carbon Monoxide visit:
People are also reminded to get their gas appliances checked annually by a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer, to find a Gas Safe registered engineer visit or call 0800 408 5500.
It’s also advisable to buy a carbon monoxide alarm for every room with a gas appliance. These cost approximately £15 and are available from retail outlets including supermarkets and DIY stores.
The Bromley-by-Bow Centre has been running its energy advice sessions for eight years and recently secured funding to 2022 to continue, thanks to a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust, administered by Charis. For more on the Centre visit


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