Upgrading your gas network

We are investing over £1 million to improve the gas network in Tottenham – increasing the reliability of gas supplies for thousands of people in North London.

We need to remove a governor from underneath one of the entrances to Seven Sisters tube station on High Road – and build a new one next to the car park on Westerfield Road. We then need to connect our new governor to our existing mains.

What are we doing?

We will be working from 7th May for approximately 19 weeks, until 13th September.

We will start by digging trial holes around our work site. This will help us see exactly where our mains run and where other utility providers – like water, electricity and telecommunications – have their pipes and cables.

We will also build our compound in the Westerfield Road car park to store our materials, and as a welfare space for our teams. We will make sure to keep the rest of the car park open at a reduced capacity.

After the trial holes, we will start work on clearing the space for the new governor and digging trenches along West Green Road and Westerfield Road to lay our new mains.

After we have connected our new governor to the network – we will safely decommission and remove our existing one.

As we finish each section, we will reinstate the road and clear our site and materials away.

We don’t need to turn off anyone’s gas supply to carry out these works.