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    Project Overview

    Cadent manages the local network of underground pipes that carry gas to homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and other buildings, where it is used for heating, hot water and cooking. There are 21,000 miles of distribution pipes under North West England, and this includes a section of pipeline that runs alongside Ulverston Canal.

    This Whassett to Barrow High Pressure Gas Pipeline is a key pipeline, relied on by tens of thousands of homes – from Ulverston to Barrow in Furness – for warmth in the colder months of the year. Around 80 per cent of homes in this area have gas central heating.

    Assessments of the pipe in recent years has identified a need to move it away from its current location, which is within the towpath adjacent to Ulverston Canal.

    Our proposal is to install a new 850-metre section of pipeline in parallel with the existing pipeline, but outside of the immediate embankment area. Once this new pipeline is operational, the existing pipeline would be decommissioned. This means there would be no impact on gas supply while the work takes place, and Cadent can be confident of ensuring a long-term safe supply of gas to the local area.

    Our teams have been planning this work for some time, consulting with many agencies to consider a range of subjects from local ecology to availability of land. On 25 July 2023, Cadent made a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) to ensure it can acquire all of the land and rights required for the project. We have positively engaged with all landowners and continue to do so. The CPO enables Cadent to have certainty that it can deliver the project within the timescales needed to protect supply.

    All the relevant documents relating to the CPO were published on this page in July (see below) and advertised. Objections had to be submitted by 31 August 2023. The CPO was confirmed in June 2024 by the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero. Preliminary works on the project will take place during summer 2024, with the main works starting in 2025.

    On 25 July 2023, Cadent Gas Limited (“Cadent”) made The Cadent Gas Limited (Whassett to Barrow High Pressure Gas Pipeline Diversion) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 (the “CPO”) to enable it to compulsorily acquire the new rights in land required for the construction, operation and maintenance of an 850-metre diversion of the 300NB Whassett to Barrow High Pressure (HP) Gas Pipeline located within the embankment / towpath adjacent to the canal on the east side of Ulverston in Cumbria (the “Project”). The Project comprises the installation of 850 metres of steel pipe and other associated development.

    The CPO followed a series of negotiations where Cadent tried to reach voluntary agreements to ensure that the Project can be delivered to maintain and secure the gas network and continue supply to parts of Ulverston and the town of Barrow in Furness as well as gas supply in the long term.

    A copy of the notice confirming the making of the CPO was served on all those with an interest in the land included in the CPO and was published in a local newspaper.

    A copy can be viewed here:

    Copy of Newspaper Notice

    A copy of the CPO, the Maps which show the land included in the CPO, and the Statement of Reasons which explains why the CPO has been made, and the documents referred to in it, are available to view and download below.

    The CPO has been submitted to the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero for confirmation. Objections were made to the CPO and a public inquiry was due to commence on Tuesday 13 February 2024. The objections have since been withdrawn and there will not be a public inquiry. The Secretary of State will now make a decision as to whether to confirm the CPO. If confirmed, Cadent will have powers available to it to compulsorily acquire the new rights needed for the Project.

    All the relevant documents relating to the CPO are published on this page.

    Further detail on the compulsory purchase process can be found in the
    Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Guidance on Compulsory Purchase Process and The Crichel Down Rules (July 2019)


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