We work with our partners to carry out research into a range of options for how we can use the gas networks to help the UK reach its emissions reduction targets. 

On this page you will find a range of documents with key findings and information from the research we have carried out to date.

The future of gas series

In this series of reports, we investigate the crucial role of the gas networks in creating the low carbon energy system of the future.

Supply of renewable gas
Unlocking network capability
Delivering for our customers
Domestic heat

Using gas from biomass

This report, carried out by EY, looks at the pros and cons of different financial mechanisms to support the large scale rollout of Synthetic Natural Gas from biomass (BioSNG).

Options for stimulating investment in BioSNG

A review of the bioenergy market

This study, carried out by Anthesis Consulting Group PLC and E4tech UK Ltd, looks at the potential scale of bioresources available within the UK to make low carbon gas. For a high level overview of the report, read the summary document. If you would like more info, please read the full technical report.

Bioenergy market review - summary document
Bionegery market review - technical report