At the heart of our business we are the largest UK gas distribution network, responsible for keeping the energy flowing to over 11 million customers.

We are committed to having a responsible, diverse and inclusive workforce. Our workforce should represent the communities we serve, but we recognise that our sector is traditionally engineering-led and has been male dominated, something we are working to change.
We are working to build diversity and inclusion (D&I) into everything we do, and this is being driven by our people, from Board level to our colleagues on the front line. We want to create an environment where all our employees feel they belong and have opportunities to thrive. 

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We are taking clear, positive and inclusive actions to address our gender pay gap and as we publish our gender pay gap report, we are able to demonstrate where we are making some good progress, and also identify where we have further opportunities to improve and address key areas of imbalance

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Pay gap report 2022

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